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Drawing wings on petz

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to draw wings on petz, for example for an edited show. I'm going to use Paintshop pro, and some experience with it could really help. These are rather detailed wings, but you can of course makes yours more "basic".
A tip: try to use colours that match your pet!

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This is the picture that I'm going to use. Try to use a picture with some space around the back, so that you have somewhere to put the wings! I've also resized the pic to make more room for wings.

This is the basic outline of the wing. As you can see I've divided it into three different parts: different kind of feathers with different colours. I really recommend using different colours: it'll make colouring much easier for you! If you use the same colours on all feathers, they'll look like one big blob of colour. Of course, you don't need to take completely different colours: you just need to be able to tell them apart!

Here I've drawn the primary feathers. The don't look like much yet, but just wait!

A thin line in the middle of each feather has been added on this pic. Very important! Otherwise your feather will just look like some sort of banana or something!
Now we're going to put shadows and highlights on these feathers!

All done! Now, go to the second page!

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