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Drawing tutorials

Here you can find different drawing tutorials. I'm not a professional artist, but I may still have a few tips to give out. I have divided the different tutorials into different groups, so that you can choose your difficulty level.

Programs used: Paintshop Pro, and sometimes Adobe Photoshop. In a few cases, MS Paint. You can, of course, use another program, but I might not be able to tell you what tools to use, only what it should look like.

1. Puppy head
2. Dragon head
3. Cute baby animals
1. Wolf
2. Scales on a dragon's head
3. Colouring in photoshop
1. Vector image / colouring in Paintshop Pro
Detailed / Realistic
1. Realistic dog step-by-step
2. Dog nose
3. Dog paw
4. Notes on drawing canines - Know what you're drawing!
1. Background with a border
1. Drawing wings on petz
2. Dogz face
3. Petz into Drawing
4. Smudged Petz Pic
5. Glitter (and drop shadow)
5. Shading
6. Vectorize petzpic (aka drawing a petz on the comp)