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Drawing wings on petz 2

This is probably the hardest part - but don't give up!

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Step 6
Here the second line of feathers has been added. I made them a darker colour than the primary feathers. And as I said before, don't make them the same colour! Not only does that make things harder for you: it's also a bit boring!

Step 7
Now, shadows and highlights have been added to the darker feathers as well! I also used the smudge tool a little between the primary feathers (too much air between them). Now use the smudge tool at the tip of the darker feathers, and carefully drag them a bit longer: this will add a pointed tip to them!

Step 8
I've added what will become the smallest feathers now: it's beginning to look more like a wing, don't you think? I smudged even more between the primary feathers: they now seem to sit closer to each others. I also added more shadows and highlights on the feathers, giving  them a more 3D look.

Step 9
 Instead of drawing each feather with shadow and highlight, I just draw little "bumps". These are the smallest feathers. But the shape of the wing is a little weird... We'll have to take care of that!

Step 10
There much better! Now it's time for page 3! (Gee! Already?)

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