The dogz breedz test

Ever wondered which dogz breedz you are? Well, finally your question will be answered! Just take this test and you'll see! Maybe you can get an idea or two for your next dogz to adopt? ;)

What do you look like?

Big and fuzzy!
Some say I'm adorable, some call me butt-ugly...
Okay, so I'm not the prettiest of the bunch. You got a prob with that? I like my legs the way they are, thank you very much!
Atlethic body, real cool fur and the colours. Heh.
Big. Tall. Proud. Majestic. I'm the king.
Without doubt the single most beautiful dogz around! 
Perfect size with cute eyes and lots of fuzz!
Others say I'm tiny, but I'm not! I'm the biggest breed of them all!
I've got something from everyone! ^^ Pretty nose an all! Yup! *giggle*
Medium size, rather short fur, the typical "dog".

"Here Fido! Dinner time!" Your reaction?
Zzz? Food? *wakes up* Why didn't you say that right away! Here I come!
Yay! Bones!!!
Is it sausage?!
Well, some then. I don't want to grow fat!
licks chops* About time! Gimme the biggest bowlyou have, human!
I only eat gourmet food! Sometimes I won't even eat that...
Wait, I just gotta finish diggin' this here hole!
*starts barking like a maniac*
Wow! Thankies! Just what I wanted ^^
Yay! Can I fetch it for you?

What do you think when you see fuzzy little bunnies?
They're fuzzy... Like me... And little... Not like me... So I'm not a bunny then?
First, I pet them, then I feed them, then I pet them some more...
Can I chase them? Pweeze? I wanna chase the bunnies!
They're great runners - just like me! Maybe they wanna race...
Tiny... But I suppose they're good for something... I just can't figure out what..
They dig holes, right? Like me! C'mon bunnies! Let's dig some holes!

Cute and funny little creatures! *big hug* Aww... They're cute... Wanna play?
If you throw them, I'll fetch them for you!

What's your favourite thing to do?
Sleep! *nods off*
Chew on bones!
Well, besides chasing bunnies... Messing with larger dogz, barking, eating...
Frisbee on the beach!

Scare off intruders, look big-tall-proud, trip over the smaller dogz..

Get my beautiful fur brushed!
Dig, dig, bark and then dig some more!

Running around barking without reason!
Play with my owner and/or other petz, have fun on the beach, compete in "Fun Shows"...
To play fetch the stick! C'mon! Throw it! Throw it! Pweeze!

If you were given magic powers, what would you do?
First, I'd create a giant pillow to sleep on, then I'd create a box of never-ending beef treats... And then...
Create myself an endless stack of bones... And lots of cute pupz and kittenz that I could carry around all day!
Give everybody tiny, short legs so I would be able to look them in the eye instead of looking at their feet!
I'd hypnotize every single judge on Earth so that I'd win all petz shows XD

Lots of food everywhere... Lots of photographers who take good show pics of me... Win back my reputation as the show dog nr 1...
Create the biggest beauty parlor ever, and make everybody there take care of me and me only!
Make the ocean turn into earth... lots of more digging room for me! 

Create a giant taco, and it would be all mine >:)
Make Earth a place of peace, love and happiness!
Build myself a machine that keeps throwing sticks and balls and bones for me to retrieve as much as I want!

You're alone home, it's night, and suddenly you hear someone outside sneaking around the house. What do you do?
Wonders who's up at this hour and then go back to counting sheep.

Scare them off with your bark and with your looks.
Bark for the rest of the night without stopping once.
Bark a few times. That ought to scare 'em off. And if it didn't, I don't care. It's late, I'm tired and I have to get up early tomorrow!
Break in. Make my day.
Gets annoyed for being waked up - I need my beauty sleep, so I'll just send the dane.
Bark like crazy, so I wake the dane up.

Bark, scratch the door until it's destroyed, run after them (still barking) and turn their pants to shreds with my teeth!
Aw...Maybe they're cold... I better let them in... Or wait... Should I? *ish confuzed* Oo;
Ask them to throw the stick so I can fetch it.

How much excerise to you need?
Even though I was originally bred for hard work, I love snoozing away... 

Eh, I'd rather stay at home and chew on my bones... Need lots of calcium, ya know!

Go out?! Do I have to?
Mr/Ms Atlethic. Next: The Olympics!
Quite a bit... I like to run. Mostly after intruders.
No way I'll go out! I don't want my paws to get dirty! 
Just leave me in the garden and I'll excerise myself, thank you very much.

LOoOts,  baBy!
I'll go however short or far you want me to! I'm man's best friend! :3

Pretty much, I like to swim and play fetch...

Well, what about your fur then?
Thick and fuzzy. Too fuzzy. I cannot see... help me...!

Short and smooth. Usually solid in colour.
What about it? Short, clean and nice. Like it should be.
Short and shiny. The coolest colouring of them all - the given winner!
Shiny and smooth fur... Many different colours. Too bad PF.Magic didn't give me all of them in the game...
Long, fluffy, beautiful, perfect.
Scruffy and terrier-like. Solid colour.

PERFECT. You got any probs with that? Cause it's the best fur there is!
Like I said before, a mix between all - the perfect coat!
Short but thick, some fuzz here and there.

What's your fave food?
Hm... Beef treats, bone treats, Luvz...

Haven't I made that clear already? Bones, I tell you!
Low-fat diet dog chow.
Danish bacon!
Anything french.
Things I find when I dig my holes

Anything that moves!
Anything my wonderful owner gives me ^_^
Turkey, chicken, sparrow steak..

Finally, what's your personality like? Be honest now ;)
Head in the clouds, friendly but confused...

Even though I may look like a bully, I'm real nice on the inside!
Even though I can be really irritating sometimes, I'm real good with kids!
I'm active, but not hyper. I like to chase the frisbee and sometimes I chase a catz or two, but I don't mean any harm!

Gentle giant.
I'm the smartest dogz around, with great taste (even though others say I'm stubborn and finicky - but what do they know?)
Rather hyper, and active... Likes to bury things...

Fun-going, active, outdoorsy...
Fun-going, happy and always ready to fetch something for my owner or come when he/she is calling!