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Hello (again, possibly ^_^) I'm Nova of, well, Supernova. Lookit the flowers. They're blue, yes. Blue summer flowers!
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Some people notice that I seem to be online at weird times ;) This is beacause I live in Sweden, my timezone is GMT+1 (about 7 hours before the US). This is the current date and time in Sweden (I'm usually online around 5-7 pm GMT+1):

Latest updates:

June 14th, 2003: I know that Supernova is real messy and so right now *lol* Don't worry, it'll soon be fixed *rubs hands together* Though you can't tell, I'm working VERY hard on Supernova right now :)

And the big update for today: My first PKC breed has been accepted! Wohoo! *Crazy dance* It's the hamiltonstövare! NOT the version on my Hexed breeds subsite, this is a new version! 

Click HERE to go to a page where you can see and download the hamilton (had to put in on another server due to lack of space ^^;)

June 9th 2003: More show entries and new art under canine (two dogs) and fantasy (a unicorn). That's it for today =)


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