The catz breedz test

Ever wondered which catz breedz you are? Well, finally your question will be answered! Just take this test and you'll see! Maybe you can get an idea or two for your next catz to adopt? ;)

What do you look like?

Scruffy and um... different.
Tall, dark and handsome >:)
Lots of colours an' stuff ^^ *giggle*
Wonderful, long, fluffy, flowing fur that shines in the sun and looks like snow...
Long and fluffy!
Fluffy tail, but pretty short on the body. 
Real fluffy and lots of fuzz!
Short, smooth and shiny. Perfect.
Smooth, coolest colour, too beauitful for words (methinks)
Short yet thick, striped. Makes me look like a lil tiger ^_^

What luck! You see the mouse, but he hasn't seen you yet! What do you do?
Finally, I can get something to eat!
*crouches* Leave the mouse-hunting to me - killing is my speciality! >:)
Oh! Mousey!!!!! Wanna play?!
I'd rather not get any germs on me, so I'll just send the B+W!
Wee! Mouse! I can get if for you ^^ Where do you want me to put it?
EEP! IT HAS COME FOR ME!!!! *runs away*
How fun! Maybe I can catch it! I just gotta be careful so my fur doesn't get dirty!
Mice are worthless little rodents... Why should I care?
I'll teach you what happens when you mess with my owner's plaza!

What do you prefer to eat?
Anything I can find... Food is scarce... Better eat while you can!
Fresh kill.
*giggle* Whatever my owner gives me ^^
Gourmet food - and don't you try giving me anything else!
I love the green food bowl... And the red food bowl... And all the other food bowls!
From the baby bottle ^^;
Anything... Even dog food... 
I'll eat any type of cat food, but I sure wouldn't mind some gourmet food... Why not?
Sushi. Or gourmet food. Sometimes I won't even eat that.
Anything that a tiger would eat ^^

What do you think of dogs?
Well, some are okay, I suppose...
I'll kill them all.
I love them! We can play together all day long ^^
As long as they don't come close to me, I don't care about them...
Funny animals! Not very smart, but what can you expect?
*shrieks and clings to the wall in pure terror*
Can you eat them?
I like the tiny, clean ones, but I'm not fond of large, clumsy dogz...

Worthless fleabags. They should all become my servants...
Hey, dogs are related to wolves, right? I wonder who would win a fight between a tiger and a wolf?

You've been entered into a catz show. How do you react?
I don't think I'll stand much of a chance...
If I win, I'll become a happy kitty. If I lose, I'll kill the judge...
WeE! FuN! XD
Ah, now I can show off my perfect looks!
Maybe I do stand a chance... I hope so ^^
*rolls into a ball* Shows.... are... scary... ;_;
Sure, whatever... Just give me something to eat... 
With my perfect looks, I stand a good chance to win!
Ha! I'll win without doubt! So long, suckers!
Um, show? Can't I chase the mouse instead?

Describe what an "owner" is!
A loving person who takes care of you ^_^
Ugly tail-less monkey with no brains. They live only to feed me and give me somewhere to sleep.
A wonderful person who is real fun to play with!
They help me gain perfect looks for shows.
A tall monkey-thing that you can play with, and that will feed you and brush your fur sometimes.
*shrieks in terror*
If you meow for long enough, they will pet you, feed you and everything else. *starts meowing*
There a good owners and bad owners... Some are better than others...
Worthless creatures that should all become my servants!
They take care of you, but they have some funny notions. For example, my owner don't believe I'm really a tiger!

Well, what about other catz then?
Some are nice, but if they mess with me, they're gonna regret it! 
Other hunting objects for me.
Fun! More to play with! yay! ^^
Depends on their breed... I don't want any flea-bitten alley catz around me!
Playmates to chase around!
Huh? You mean there are *more* catz?
I like them, as long as they are calm aristocrats, like me!
*snorts* Worthless. They should become my servants, just like the dogz and the ownerz.
Well, since I'm a tiger, not a cat, one can't really call them "other catz". Just "catz". They are okay, I suppose...

How would you describe yourself, if you could only use one word?
N.B.K (Natural Born Killer. Yes, that's three words. Now ask if I care)
Sleepy... zzz...

Which is the best toy?
The basket... Finally a warm place to rest...
The mouse >:)
The bubble machine! They just keep coming, and coming, and coming... Wee!
The heart pillow.
Auto-rolling ball! I can chase it for as long as I want!
Anything I can sleep on.
I'm too old for toys, I'd rather sit in front of the fireplace...
En emperor doesn't have time for worthless kitten-toys. 
The car! I can pretend it's a deer that I'm hunting!

Finally, last question, you won the catz show. How do you react now?
I did?! Oh, my! I never expected that ^^
Fine, judge. I won't kill you today.
I knew as much. Now, if you excuse me, I have to go get my best bow.
Cool ^^ my awards... going... hurt me?
Well, I knew I would, like I told you.
Hah. What a surprise - not. Part one of my plan to take over the world is finished, then. All will become my servants!
A tiger isn't supposed to win any beauty shows -_-