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Show namez

Having a hard time finding that perfect show name for your petz? I have seen several lists for call names, but never one for show names... So here's my name list - show names for petz! Feel free to use any of these names, or change them around like you like! Some are long, others short...Some are from songs, titles, books, real life dogs, mythology and some are just thought up... Hopefully you will find one that you like! But please don't just copy this list and put at your site - I have thought up and written all of these names by hand, it has taken me many hours and many grey cells to make this list... Also, as a note, I have tried to not use any show names that I have already seen on petz, don't wanna be a copycat XD
Number of names listed: 880

There is also a special mythology name list.... Go HERE to see it!

Ace of Spades/Hearts...
Actual Fantasy
A Day Without Rain
Aegis Shield
Afer Ventus
Afraid of me?
After Life
After the Storm
Against All Odds
Against The Wind
Age Of Mythology/Love...
Ain't so bad
Alice In Wonderland
A Little Less Conversation
All About You
All 'Bout The Money
All Is Mine
Allnite Long
All Time High
All We Do
Alone In The Jungle
Alpha Ville
Alpina Blue
Always On Top
Always Mine
American Gal/Guy
Ancient Authority
Angel's Heart
Angel's Lullaby
Another Star/Day/Feeling...
Anthology Of Interest
Anywhere For You
Apple of the Eye
April Fools
Aristo Artisto
Around The World
Arctic Gale
Arctic Waters
Assumed So
Ate A Cactus
Athair Ar Neamh
At Play/Rest...
Attack Now!
Aurora Borealis
Away We Go

Baby Come Back
Bad Day?
Bad Touch
Back For Good
Back In The Loop
Back To Basics
Banana Split
Bard Dance
Bathing in Gold
Beauty in a Box
Before We Met
Begin Again
Beneath the Surface
Bene Elim (means angel)
Benevolent Brethren
Betrayal is a beautiful game
Beyond The Hills
Big Trouble
Black Adder
Black Opal
Black Sheep
Blinded By Love/Hate
Blue Dream
Blue For You
Body In Question
Bonny Swans
Book of Days
Book of Thoth
Born To Be Loved/Make You Happy
Bouncing Around
Bound to you

Breaking My Heart
Breaking The Drought
Break Up
Bring Home The Bacon
Brilliant Bronze
Bringer Of War/Peace...
Brining Up Baby
Bring It On
Broken Arrow
Bubble Shower
Buffalo Bill
Buffy Blue
Bug A Boo
Burnin' Down
By Design

Calling Your Name
Call of the wild
Call of Valhalla
Candle In The Wind
Can't Be Tamed
Can't Help It
Can't Say No To You
Can't Remember
Canzone Angelica
Carapace Hides The Delicacy
Career Canine
Caribbean Blue
Cascade Kid/Kiss...
Cash Up Front
Caught in the future
Caught Out There
Celtic Rain/Knight...
C'est La Vie
Chaining The Dragon
Changing Again
Charging Up
Chaos Reigns
Chaos Within
Chariots of Fire
Chase The Night
Cherokee Squaw
Chocolate Puppy/Kitten
China In My Paw
China Ming
China Roses
Chinese Creation
City Slicker
Civil Action
Classic Charm
Classic Jazz/Soul/Reggae...
Classic Touch
Clone Of My Own
Cloudy Day
Club X Project
Come Rain Come Shine
Cold As December
Cold Metal
Colorful Memory
Copy Cat
Cotton Candy
Colours of Worship
Cosmic Song
Cosmos Song
Coyote Dreams
Crack of Thunder
Crystal Heart
Crystal Project
Cursum Perficio
Curry In A Hurry
Cut And Paste
Cute Countach (That's Nellie's real name!)

Da Bomb
Dagger Of The Mind
Dance Mix
Dance of the Unknown/Special...
Dance With A Stranger
Dangerous Mind
Daniel's Vision
Dan y Dwr
Darkness Arriving
Darling Dog
Days Of Honey
Day Without Rain
Deep Down
Deep In You
Defender of the Future
Deireadh An Tuath
Demonic Unicorn/Dragon/Griffin...
Deora Ar Mo Chroí
Desert Wind
Deus ex Machina
Devil Garden
Dewmist Castellina
Diamonds Are Forever
Died In Your Arms
Die Hard
Different Choice
Diggy Lo
Dish Of The Day
Disco Queen/King
Divine Blood
Dog's Day Off
Don't Cry For Me
Don't Forget
Do The Right Thing
Dolphin Song
Double Trouble
Do We Rock?
Down Under
Do You Want Me?
Dream Catch
Dreams of Hope/Love/Fury...
Dreams and Nightmares
Dressed For Success
Dusty Roads

Early Glory
Earning Your Trust
East Meets West
Eden's Secret
Endless Struggle
Enchanted Dance
End of the Battle
Electric Feeling
Epic Alchemist
Eternal Light/Star/Feeling...
Evening Falls
Even Now
Ever So Chic
Ever My Star
Explain This!
Eye Of The Mind
Eye Of The Tiger
Eyes In The Forest
Eyes of Love/Fury/Hope...

Face of the Gorgon
Fact And Fiction
Fair My Lady
Fair Trial
Fallen Embers
Falling Star
Family Portrait
Fashion And Style
Fastest Thing Alive
Fatal Blow
Favourite Treat
Feeling of Fury/Hate/Love..
Feelin' Half/Good/Bad...
Feet of the Jackal
Fenris Wolf
Feral Call
Fife Flyer
Fight The Future
Fill Me In
Final Countdown
Final Fantasy
Finest Victory
Fire In The Sky
First Encounter
First Kiss
First of Autumn
Flames of Fury
Flames of Typhon
Flaming Fox
Flaming Raptor
Flawless Flavour
Flora's Secret
Flyin' High
Follow Me
Forbidden City
Forbidden Fruit
Forest Blaze
Forest Fire
Forest Rain
Forever Wild
Forever Young
Forge of Olympys
Forgotten Tales
For You Alone
French Kiss
Friday Night
Friend of Foe
Freak Me
Freezing Cold
From The Heart
From Time to Time
From Where I Am
Frozen Star
Fruit of Kiwi
Full Affection
Full Moon Magic
Funeral Rites

Games of Happiness/Sadness/Cuteness...
Garden of Delights
Garlic Girl
Gentle Waters
Get Freaky
Ghost Dance
Gift From The Gods
Gimme The Light
Glowing Embers
God/Goddess of Hope/Love/Fury...
Go For It
Going Berserk
Going Further
Gold Dreamer
Golden Apples
Go Now
Good And/Or Evil
Gotta Have Hope
Great Griffin
Great Treasure
Greater Good
Guardian Of The Gate
Guest of Honor
Guide Of The Dead

Hades Shade
Happy Mind
Happy Together
Haley's Comet
Halfway Across The Galaxy
Hall of Glory
Hand of Talos
Hanging Around
Harder than Diamond
Harming No One
Head In The Clouds
Healing Springs
Heavenly Chase
Heart of Steel/Gold/Love...
Hercynian Mystery
Here For You
Here I Am
Here With You
Hero of Legend/War/Peace...
Hero Reborn
Hidden Goddess/God
Hidden Heaven
Hidden Treasure
Hold Your Horses
Holy Shrine
Hope Has A Place
Hot Shot
How Many Hours?
How You Remind Me
Humorous Puppy/Kitty

I Am Your Evil Twin
I And You
I Believe In Miracles
Ice And Fire
If I Never Knew You
I Have A Dream
I Love You
I'm All Alone
Inner Circle
I See It Now
Ice and Snow
Illumina the Magician
Illusions of Hope/Love/Fury...
Ill Will
I'm Sorry
Indian Chief
In From The Cold
Inside to Outside
Instant Moment
Interesting Theory
Into The Air
Into You
I Saved The World
I Second That
It's Complicated
It's Electric
I Want It That Way
I Want Tomorrow

Jack Frost
Jamaica Flower
James 007
Jelly Beans
Jester in the Corner
Jingle Bells
Jolly Joker
Jungle Fever
Just a Dogz/Catz
Just a Fairytale?
Just A Jewel
Just For You
Just Go
Justice Of The Peace
Just Justin
Just Remember
Just Your Imagination

Keeper of Love/Hope/Fury...
Keep Getting Higher
Keep Tryin'
Keltic Blue
Key to Success
Kick Off
Kidding Around
Killin Time'
Kind and Loyal Royal
King of the Hil
King Richardl
Kings and Queens
Knight of Night
Knight of the Lion/Dragon/Unicorn...
Know How
Kung Fu Boy/Girl

Labyrinth of Minos
Lady Love
LapTop Dog
Larger Than Life
La Rocca
La Soñadora
Last Guardian
Last Of My Kind
Last Revolution
Last Step
Last Wish
Lazy Days
Leading Lights
Lemon Tree
Lesser Of Two Evils
Less is More
Let It Rain
Let's Groove
Let's Try
Let The Games Begin
Let The Sun Shine
Light At The End
Light In The Dark
Lightning Storm
Like An Egyptain
Link to the Past
Lion's Courage
Little Big Man
Live And Learn
Living in America
Living Legend
Look Alike
Looking At You
Lonesome Cowboy
Lone Wanderer
Lord of Horses
Lost Cause
Lost Forever
Lost My Voice
Lots of Love
Love and Hate
Love Is All You Need
Love Is In The Air
Lovely Lily
Love Me Now
Love Me Tender
Love Song

Madame Piraya
Made Of You
Magical Tails
Magic Powder
Magic Storm
Making Faces
Man In The Mirror
Marble Halls
March of the Celts
Marked For Life
Marrakesh Night Market
Matter of Trust
May it Be
Menancing Phantom
Merled Blue/Red/Grey...
Mermaid's Tears
Metal Made Flesh
Meteor Shower
Miracle of Love
Midnight Special
Minas Tirith
Missing You
Mission Impossible
Morning Star
Monstrous Rage
Mountain Giant
Movin' On
Mummers' Dance
My Favourite
My One And Only
My True Love
Mysterious Stranger/Girl/Wolf...
Mystic Ruby/Heart/Rock...

Na Leatha Geal M'Óige
Name of the Game
Natural High
Nature's Beauty/Dance...
Naughty Boy/Girl
Needless to Say
Nemean Lion
Nest Of Fawns
Never Again
Never Cry Wolf
Never Say Nemesis
Never to End
New Fashion
New Kind Of Medicine
Nidhögg the dragon
Night Wish
Ninety bottles of beer...
Nightmare Come True
Noble Grey
Nobody But You
Nobody Knows
Nobody Like Me
No Inari
Nominate Me
Nordic Liasion
Northern Lights
No Stress
Nothing Like The Rain
Not To Be Tamed
Now Or Never
Now You See It
Number One

Obsessed By You
Obession Forever
Ocean Bubbles
Of Times Lost
Olympic Parentage
Once In A Lifetime
Once You Had Gold
One By One
One More Time
One Look
One Of Us
One True Love
Only Now
Only Time (Will Tell)
Only Yesterday
On My Way Home
On The Money/Beach/Run...
On Your Shore
Other Source
Opals and Onyxes
Open See
Open Your Mind
Ophelia's Love
Options of Love/Hope/Hate...
Orinoco Flow
Ounce in the Snow
Out Of This World

Pain And Longing
Pale Moon
Party Animal
Party People
Past Years
Pax Deorum
Pegasus Sati
Perfect Match
Picture Perfect
Ping Pong
Pins And Needles
Plain but Perfect
Plucky Puppy
Poem for You
Poetic Justice
Point Blanc
Popular Choice
Power Corrupts
Pray For Me
Precious 'n' Pretty
Precious Stone/Moment/Love...
Precisely My Taste
Pretty Picture
Pretty Princess
Primrose Promise
Private Emotion
Promise of Love
Purple Rain

Qtie Pie
Qualm Of Conscience
Qualified Winner
Queen of Hearts/The Hill...
Queen's Dog/Cat
Quench Your Thirst
Question of Hope/Love/Fury...
Quest for Answers
Quick Descision
Quite Quick
Quit Playing Games
Quter than Cute

Racing Spirit
Rainbow Bubbles
Raging Robot
Rain Dance
Rapid Runner
Razor Tounge
Reach for the Stars
Ready for the good times
Red Devil
Reign And Hail
Rest My Friend
Returned Hero
Riddle of Magic
Riding High
Right Now
Right Stuff
Ring My Bell
Ripped to Shreds
Road Boy/Girl
Roar of Orthus
Rock-A-Billy Rebel
Rocket Away
Roll With It
Rough Boy/Girl
Royal Chi'lin (Unicorn)
Royal Reflection
Royal Prospect
Run For Cover
Run Free
Rush Hour

Sacret Cat
Sacred Soul
Save A Prayer
Sayan Kötör
Secret Garden
Secret Past
Secret Spy
Seelers and Sightings
Serpent Spear
Shadow of Buddha
Shadows Dancing
Sharp Shooter
Shepherdess' Larment
Shepherd Moons
She's An Eye
Shifting Sands
Shining Like the Sun
Sides Of A Coin
Silk Ridge
Simply The Best
Sinatra With Afterglow
Singing Angel
Sing Your Melody
Silver Inches
Sitting Down Here
Silver Drop
Skin of the rhino
Sky's The Limit
Smoking Barrel
Snow Rocket
So Far So Good
Sonic Boom
Song of Healing/Death/Life...
Song Of The Earth
Song Of The Waves
Son of Osiris/Odin/Zeus...
Southern Lights
Space Case
Space The Base
Sparkle in the Night
Spark Of Energy
Spark of Lightning
Speak The Truth
Speeding Bullet
Spinning My Mind Away
Spirited Charge
Spirit of Ma'at
Split Personality
Stand By Me
Star Attraction
Stars of Hope/Love/Fury...
Star Dot Star
Start Rockin'
Stay With Me
Storming Ocean
Storms In Africa
Strange Relationship
Stuck With You
Sugar And Spice
Summer Rain
Summer Song
Sun In The Stream
Sunny Girl/Boy
Sun Ray
Swing It
Swift Hunter/Huntress
Switching Places
Sylvan Lore

Tailor Made
Tainted Virtue
Tai Wind
Take Me Away
Take Me Up
Take On Me
Take Your Best Shot
Taming The Unicorn
Taste of Adventure
Tears Don't Lie
Tears of Sorrow
Telling the Truth
Tell Me Why
Tempus Vernum
That Girl/Boy
That Was Yesterday
The Air I Breathe
The Original
The Right Way
These Days
The Tide Is High
The Way You Smile
They Call Me...
Thief Of Hearts
Think Of Me
Third Eye
Thirst for Knowledge
This Is It
Throw it all away
Through The Fire
Thunder, Rain and Lightning
Thundering Hooves
Tic Tac Toe
Till There Was You
Time And Space
Times of Chaos
To The Light/Rescue...
Tocas' Miracle
Touch Mark
Tough Guy/Gal
Towards The Forest
Town And Country
Tranquility Disrupted
Travellers' Tales
True Love
Truly Yours
Truth Or Dare
Turn Around
Turning to Stone
Twice As Nice
Twin Below
Two In The Morning

U an' Me
Ultimate Killing Machine
Unaffected Beauty
Undercover Work
Under Current
Undertone of Anger/Happiness...
Underworld Passage
Unicorn Flight
Unique Pet
United Soul
Unlikely One
Unlike the Others
Unlimitied Love
Unsolved Mystery
Untamed Spirit
Upper Class

Valley of the Kings
Vanilla Touch
Vanilla Whisper
Veni Vidi Vici
Verge of Tears
Visions of the past
Vice Versa
Viking Line
Viva Forever
Viva L'Amor
Vivid Memory
Voiceless Song
Vox Populi

Wannabe Vital
Waffles, Please!
Walk On
Wait And See
Want You
Watching the Crowd
Watch me
Ways To My Heart
Weapon of the Titans
We Gotta Try
We Meet Again
What A Day!
What If?
What's goin' on?
Whenever Wherever
When I need You
When The Godess Sing
Where Angles Dare Not Tread
Where's The Love?
White Fang
White Magic
Wild Child
Wild Roses
Willows of the Water
Wintertime Blues
With A Vengeance
Whiz Kid (I once has a catz named that!)
Who's That?
Why Me?
Wild Beast
Wild Days
Wild Spirit
Wild Wolf/Tiger/Dragon...
Will I Ever
Will of Kronos
Wind In The Willows
Winged Messenger
Winning Trait
Wishes Are Eternal
Wishful Thinking
Wish You Were Here
Without Me
Words That Lie
Word Up
World-Beating Star
Wrath from the Depths
Wrath of the Goddess

Xciting News
Xelda the Brave/Mysterious/Beautiful...
Xmas Presen
Xoloitzcuintle (real name of the mexican hairless dog)
X-Ray Vision
Xpected Winner
Xtra Sparkle
Xstra Special Edition
Xylophone Music

Yapping Pup
Yawning Youngster
Year of Wonder
Yes My Dear
Yodeling Singer
Yo Man
Yorkshire Beauty
You Can't Take Me
You Don't Fool Me
You Know
You Know I'm Right
You'll be in my heart
You Never Realize
Young Star
Yuck for Yolk!

Zero Patience
Zest for Life
Zinc and Iron
Zigzag like Lightning
Zippy Zebra
Zip of a Bullet
Zone of Lonelyness/Happiness/Sadness.
Zodiac Light
Ztarlight Xpress

Still can't find that perfect show name for your petz? Here are a few ideas...
A date or season, for example:
Born in December
Eyes of Winter
January Girl
Summer Boy

Something that has to do with astronomy, for example:
Solar Power
Endless Space
Exploding Star

After a computer game, for example:
Black & White
Magic Petz
Dead or Alive

After a colour, for example:
Azure Eyes
Deep Red
Golden Heart

After a feeling, for example:
Happy Going
Sad Expression
Exploding Fury
Dragon's Rage

After food, for example:
Ice Cream
Say Cheese
Cup of Chocolate

Lyrics and songs are perfect when looking for a show name! Many of the names on this page comes from lyrics! You can also look in a dictionary, or perhaps in a computer game! You can also look in a magazine, perhaps one with dog show winners? They often have cool and unusual names!

Good luck finding a name ^_^