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Pet namez - Myhology

These are special names that come from mythology, such as greek and norse gods, fantasy animals etc. I may also have included names that are similar to mythology-thingies, but not exactly mythic in themselves... Such as the babylonian king, Xerxes. Some of the names may be found on the main show namez page, but here you will find an explanation for the name as well! I may not always be able to give a very exact explanation, but I will do my best. Some of the names are rather short, and might be better as call names... You decide, of course :) Oh yeah, and when it comes to norse mythology, I've chosen to use the swedish names, not the english, because, well, I prefer the scandinavian names! After all, it was my early relatives that prayed to these gods ;) I have also included creatures from swedish/scandinavian mythology. Perhaps you will learn of some new creatures, that you haven't heard of before?

Why I created this page? Well, I'm very interested in mythology, especially mythological creatures, and I thought this would be fun to do!
Number of names listed: 162

Ankh - the egyptain cross, a sign for life
Anubis - egyptain god of the underworld. Jackal-headed
Anubite - Anubis warriors. If you've seen Return of the Mummy, you're familiar with anubites...
Aphrodite - Goddess of beauty in greek mythology
Apollo - God of the sun in greek mythology
Ares - God, greek mythology
Artemis - Goddess of the hunt in greek mythology
Asar - The norse gods as a group
Avenger - Sent from Osiris to take revenge in egyptain mythology

Balder - Norse god of beauty
Balrog - Demon of the underworld
Basilisk - Depicted as a snake, lizard or rooster/snake. Can turn people into stone, worst enemy is the rooster
Bast - Cat goddess in egyptain mythology. A.k.a Bastet.
Behemoth - monster-thingie
Blåkulla - This is where swedish witches are said to go on each Easter! Name means "Blue hill".
Book of Thoth - The most valuable book in egyptain mythology
Bragi - Norse god
Bäckahäst - Unusual horse! If you sit on its back, it will drown you in the river. Another word for Näcken.

Centaur - Half man, half horse, greek mythology
Cerberus - three-headed dog that guards the entrance to the underworld, greek mythology
Chi'lin - Chinese unicorn
Chimera - goat's body and head, lion head and serpent for tail, female and sprouts fire. Greek mythology
Criosphinx - "upgraded" sphinx, more evil
Cyclops - one-eyed giants in greek mythology.

Demon - Evil creature
Dendroid - "Walking tree"
Devil - Evil creature, ruler of hell
Dionysys - God of the wine in greek mythology
Dragon - Usually lizard-like creature, often evil, but not always
Dragonfly - Dragon/fly like creature
Drake - Dragon, also the swedish word for dragon.
Dwarf - Short humanoid creature, usually bearded

Efreeti - "Evil" genie
Elf - humanoid creature of the forest
Ent - a walking tree of sorts

Fairy - Winged humanoid creature
Fenrisulv - giant wolf in norse mythology. Kills Oden during Ragnarök and is a son of Loke
Fire salamander - lizard of fire
Flames of Typhon - Typhon was one of the titans in greek mythology, and the father of the chimera
Forseti - Norse god
Frej - norse god of fertility
Freja - norse goddess of fertility
Frigg - Oden's wife, norse mythology. Goddess of wisdom.

Gaia - Mother Earth
Gargoyle - Little dragon-like creature
Gast - A kind of ghost, often invisible. Swedish mythology.
Ghost - Spirit of the dead
Giant - Giant humanoid creature, often very stupid, but also strong
Gnoll - hyena-like creature
Goblin - Nasty little humanoid creature
Golem - A kind of slave, a giant
Gorgon - hideous creatures in greek mythology. Medusa was one of them.
Griffin - Lion/eagle, sometimes with a touch of fish as well. Brave fighter, creature of the sun. Usually a good creature
Gryphon - Another word for griffin
Gula - Babylonian goddess, owner of a dog that could heal
Gyllenborst - Pig of the vikings. Slaughtered each night, but reappears the next morning. Name means "golden hair".

Hades - Greek god of the underworld
Halfling - Short humanoid. Think "hobbit"!
Harpy - Eagle with woman's head and breasts. Evil!
Hathor - Egyptain goddess of fertility, cow-headed
Hecate - Goddess of the underworld and queen of witches. Has a chariot drawn by dogs.
Heimdal - Norse god
Hel - Norse goddess of the underworld
Hellhound - Hound of the underworld
Hephaestes - the greek god who created Zeus' thunder bolts
Hera - Goddess of wisdom in greek mythology
Hermes - God and messenger in greek mythology
Hieracosphinx - sphinx with a falcon's head instead of a human's. The strongest and most evil sphinx
Hippocamp - Part horse, part fish (often seen on old maps, Poseidon owns these also)
Hippogriph - Part horse, part eagle, similar to a griffin
Horus - egyptain god, falcon-headed
Hugin - one of Oden's crows (name means knowledge)
Hydra - serpent-like creature (sometimes with the body of a dog) and multiple heads. Greek mythology.

Imp - devil's little helper
Isis - Egyptain goddess

Jormund - Snake in norse mythology

Kitsune - Magic fox with multiple tails in japanese mythology
Kylin - Hooved dragon-like creature in chinese mythology

Labyrinth of Minos - the labyrinth of the minotaur, greek mythology
Leviathan - Evil serpent of the sea, found in the bible. Sometimes described as a dragon.
Lich - A kind of evil magician, often a necromancer
Lizardman - Antropomorhpic (human-like) lizard
Loke - Evil god/giant in norse mythology. Loves to play tricks and can change shape.
Lord of Horses - One of Poseidon's titles
Lyktgubbe - Strange lights in the forest at nights, caused by a tiny man with a lamp.  Swedish mythology.

Manticore - Human/lion/scorpion beast, greek mythology.
Mara - Evil or cursed woman who disturbs the dreams of men. The swedish word för nightmare is mardröm (dröm = dream).
Medusa - An evil woman, so ugly that you will turn to stone if you look at her. Greek mythology
Mermaid - Woman/fish
Midgård - Where humans live, according to norse mythology
Midgårdsorm - This giant serpent, which is also the son of Loke, is circling Midgård, biting its own tail
Minotaur - bull/human who could be found in the labyrinth of Minos. Greek mythology
Mjölner - Tor's special axe, which always comes back to him
Mummy - dead pharao who seeks revenge on intruders
Munin - One of Oden's crows (name means memory)
Myling - Basically the ghost of a child that was murdered. Not evil, but scary enough! May want a name to be able to R.I.P.

Naga - snake/woman from arabian mythology
Necromancer - Magician who can turn dead people into undeads, skeletons etc
Nemean lion - giant lion whose roar scared off everyone. Greek mythology.
Nepthys - egyptain goddess
Nidhögg - Norse mythology, a serpent who gnaws on the roots of Yggdrasil
Nightmare - dark/evil horse (mare)
Njord - norse god
Nymph - Nature spirits in greek mythology
Näcken - Usually a man or horse. Tries to lure you into the river by playing his violin, or (if a horse) letting you sit on his back.

Oden - God of wisdom and norse mythology's main god. One-eyed and owner of Sleipner, 2 crows and 2 wolves.
Ogre - Evil humanoid creature
Oracle - Here you could come with your questions, greek mythology
Orch - nasty humanoid creature
Orobouros - Snake or dragon that bites its own tail, a symbol for the circle of life
Osiris - egyptain "main" god

Pax - greek goddess of peace
Pegasus - winged horse. Born from the back of the chimera.
Petsuchos - magical crocodlie that can shoot run rays. Egyptain mythology
Phoenix - fire bird that can be reborn
Poseidon - Greek god of the sea and horses, owner of the hippocamps
Ptah - egyptain god


Ra - Egyptain main god. The sun was thought to be Ra.
Ragnarök - The end of this world in norse myhtology, where many of the gods die
Roar of Orthus - Roar of the nemean lion
Roc - giant bird, arabian mythology
Rå - beautiful woman, but her back is a rotten tree. Will try to seduct men.

Satyr - man/goat in greek mythology
Scarab - sacred bug in Egypt
Scorpion King - the mysterious egyptain pharao
Scylla - similar to the hydra, but found in water. Guarded by dogs, greek mythology.
Sekhmet - egyptain warrior goddess
Serpent fly - Something between a snake and a fly, basically a winged snake
Set - Egyptain god
Shaduf - the balance in egypt mythology, aka the libra
Siren - Singing woman who lured sailors into the ocean, sometimes depicted as part bird or fish
Skadi - norse goddess
Sleipner - Oden's 8 legged horse
Son of Osiris - halfgod in egyptain mythology
Sphinx - egpytain woman/lion
Sprite - fairy-like creature

Thoth - egyptain god of wisdom
Thunderbird - North american mythic bird
Titan - Evil giants in greek mythology
Tomte - tiny, old man of sorts who takes care of the farm, but he is also demanding.  Swedish mythology.
Tor - Norse god of thunder, has a special axe, Mjölner
Troglodyte - Blind frog-like creature
Troll - In Sweden, trolls are humanoid with tails, sometimes they look exactly like us + a tail, sometimes very beautiful.
Tyr - Norse god of fighting. The fenrisulv bites off his hand.

Unicorn - Creature with one horn, usually a goat, antelope or horse. Symbol of femininity and the moon.

Vampire - Undead who sucks blood
Vallhalla - Home of the norse gods
Valley of the Kings - Where egyptain pharaos were buried
Valkyrie - Female warriors of Oden
Vargavinter - "Wolf winter", awfully cold winter
Venom Spawn - poison creature
Vätte - Small humanoid creature, can be nice or evil.

Wadjet - Winged cobra, found on the crown of the pharao
Waspwort - semi-intelligent carnivorous plant
Will of Kronos - Kronos was a wise man in greek mythology
Winged Messenger - Hermes, messenger god in greek mythology
Witch - Woman with magic powers
Wrath of the Goddess - You choose which one ;)
Wurm - See 'wyrm'
Wyrm - Large snake-like dragon with no legs
Wyvern - Dragon with no forelegs

Xerxes - Babylonian king

Yggdrasil - The tree of life in norse mythology

Zeus - Greek "main" god, can send out lightning bolts
Zombie - Undead creature


Älva - the swedish equivalent of fairies and elves. Might lure you into dancing with them, which will drive you crazy


Good luck finding a name ^_^