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What kind of petz person are you?

What else is there to say... See what kind of petz person you are! If you are unhappy with your result, remember that it's all for fun, I don't mean to be rude or such! See it as a joke, your result will be very stereotypical ;)

Petz are?

A bunch of pixels that bore me to death.
ZoO QuiTE! I LUUUUB fEm AlL!!!!!!11
Lots of cool breedz and stuff!
An entertaining game from PF. Magic (I refuse to accept Ubi Soft as the proper owner of Petz!)
Ebil little animals that are really viruses in disguise.. Mwahahaha!
Critters that are made of ballz, linez and other little things. 
Fun to show. *points to next person* Your turn!
Awfully cute little animals! *hugs petz*
Cool Critters. Yup.
A way of bringing the fun of showing and breeding dogs/cats into your computer!

Do you have a website?
Yeah, but no petz ain't coming in there!
YAY! I do!!!!!1 ANd IT's All SpArKly An StuFF! OR NooOo!!!!1 :(((( BuT I WAnNAA LEaARN!!
Yeah,  dedicated to a special breed!
Yes, with lots of things to do for everyone :)
'Course, mylady! Come and see my eeeeevil petters! >:)
Yes, though it's kind of neglected... I hex all the time, barely have time to update it...
Yeah, where I show off all my SGChs ^_^

Yes, with cute little adoptions, litters, gallery, a little show...
Well... Define website ^_^; I have a show room, sort of...
Nah, I prefer surfing.

What's your view on hexing?
AAAW! HEXIES Are So CutIE! I WaNNA LeArn To HeX!!!!!111
Oh, I love that new hexed breed from [insert popular site] and those new [insert hexed litter name] are sooooooo cute! I GOTTA find one of them!!!
Sure, I've done quite a bit of hexing in my days!
He he... I love them freaky lookin' petters with bright colours. But only if the colours are on a unpopular breed!
Hexing is my life. The end.
Only if they're natural-looking! I only like really cool hexed petz if I own them.
I don't like hexing. Petz should be natural.
I love those beautiful hexed petz that you see! In fact, I collect them...
Realistic petz ONLY.

Did you ever create your own selective breed?
*Yawn* Do you have any idea how much patience and time you need to do that?!
Nah, but I've bred tamsins (or another selective breed) and I love them so much and they are so special!
Yes, it's a fun challenge!
Ha ha. Forget it.
Who needs selective breeding when you've got HEXING?!
I have one (or more) wonderful lines of purebred show dogz, if that's what you mean...
No, I don't like inbreeding, and I don't want to breed lots of petz that won't get a home.
No. Though I seriously wish that I was the one who wrote the standard for tamsins...
No, selective breeds are eeeeevil.

You visit [insert petz forum name here] for the first time. Your first message?
Lurk around for a while, then loose interest and leave. Forums are soooo boring.
|~*** HI!!!! I'M NEW!!!!!11 ***~||
"Do you have any [insert popular breed] for adoption!?!?!?!
I lurk around for a while, then make a reply or two in the correct forum. I take my time. 
"I am Evil Overlord. Take me to your leader!"
"New hexed breed!"
"Do you have any petz shows for me?"
"Hello, I can help you with sites, stuck pregnancies etc"
"PKC/DKC Stud/dames"

Tamsins. Alleys. Calicos. Dalmatians.
*Bored look* Your point?
I LUb ThEM!!!!! I HAVE sSooooo MaNY!!!!11
YAY! I love them! They are sooooo beautiful!
Popular breeds. I might adopt one, or I might not.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! HATE SO MUCH!!! >_<;;;;; Kill all popular petz!!! Well, perhaps not the alleys... Yesh, keep the alleys!
Watch me hex this really cool litter with one of them!
Dalmatians = good show dogz. I like.
I like calicos and dalmatians, but not alleys. Who likes such evil petz?
Ha ha, I have loads of them in my folders on the ole' 'puter!
Calicos and dalis are the best. Alleys and tamsins aren't real breeds, especially not tamsins!

You come across a site that features petz abuse. What do you do?
Who cares? Their petz, their fun. 
NOOOOOO! PeTZiE AbuSe is Soooo Evil!!!!11 FlAmE TheM!!!!11
Petz abuse is evil. Stop it!
*Shrugs* They paid for their game, they can do whatever they want with it.
Hehe, join them!
Does not apply to me. I'm too busy hexing to surf the net!
No shows here? Then I'm gone!
Oh no! Petz abuse is very wrong! I better hurry up and make another 10 anti-abuse banner! :(
Maybe I'll adopt one of his petz and give it a good home. For 2 weeks, before I put it in a folder to make room for new petz.
Shrugs and go back to PKC.

NB's Don't Laugh! "Donny"
Take a look at this pet. What do you think of him? =)
*Shrug* Couldn't care less.
EEwWW!!!1 Hez nOt CutE!!11
Stay away! I only like pretty petz!
Unusual little kitten ;) Bobtail/fold, am I correct?
W00t!!! Gimme a copy now, human slave!
Want me to make a hexed breed outta him?
At least he's posing ok. Do you have any shows for me?
Oh. He's um... interesting. I hope I wasn't rude!
Ha ha, I have loads of petz like that one already!
Mixie? Not interested. Leave me alone.

What kind of petz are your favourites?
*Shrug* I don't really care, as long as they're quiet and stay away from me.
I LOVe AllL PopilaAr PetzzzzieS!!!!!1
Those that are popular at the moment!
My special petters that Ive had since (at least) Petz 3.
All my fugly evil little petz! XD
My own hexed beauties!
My never-ending bunch of SGChs!
I like special petz, but they don't have to be unsual or anything. 

RARE ones. They are the only ones I keep.
PKC/DKC Champs! My goal XD

Tell me the secret, what is petz really all about?
I don't know. I don't care. Petz is for little kids.
Getting the coolest, latest breed!
Taking care of virtual animals and meeting new friends in a wonderful community!
Not being one of the trend-followers!
To hex the coolest petz. Worship me!
Getting the most show points on the web! He he he...
Having fun!
Collecting rare petz :3
Winning a PKC/DKC Show!