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What's this?

What's a viperwolf, you ask? Well, basically, it's a cyberpet that I've created. It's basically and image that you put on your site. Feel free to adopt as many viperwolves as you want, just remember to link back to! You can use one the images below, if you want.

To save a viperwolf (don't forget to read the rules first!) just right-click and choose "save as".

So what is a viperwolf?!

A viperwolf is one of my fantasy animals, called Deandr. They belong to the dahmon family - strong and intelligent, similar to wolves. But they can also be very dangerous! The viperwolf's bite is venomous, and its claws razor sharp. They are fast flyers, with great agility and stronger than most. They are said to be part wolf, part eagle and part snake!
They are loyal to their master, but dislike and might even attack others, so they are the perfect guardians for your website! If you put them together with other cyberpets, be sure to put some space between them and give your viperwolf something to eat - otherwise it might scare your other pets!

Here's a picture of a fully frown viperwolf. Better not try to adopt this one - he doesn't look very friendly, does he?
There are two known species of viperwolf to this date - the grey viperwolf and the rattleviperwolf. A rattleviperwolf has larger ears, longer fur and a rattle on its tail. The "original", swedish name of this creature is huggulv. Rattleviperwolf is skallerhuggulv in swedish.