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Petz Tipz

Here are random petz tipz that didn't seem to fit on any other page! They are about many different things, from petz weigh to falling in love and how to get poodles to pose! If you have any tipz, you can submit them to me. Email me here.

Quick way to fall in love
If you don't want to keep spraying your petz with the love bottles over and over, here's a quicker way to make your petz fall in love (I use it all the time). Take out *lots* of love bottlez and place on the ground. It's easiest to do this in the Toy closet. Remember, LOTS of them. Now take out the petz that you want to fall in love, and let them roam around the closet. If they touch the bottles, they will most likely get sprayed A LOT, since all bottles that they touch will spray at once! Now, leave your petz for 10 - 15 minutes or so, letting them get sprayed over and over and over. Most likely, they won't barely see each other, they will just run around and get sprayed.

After about 15 min (or even a little shorter, sometimes 5 - 10 minutes is enough) simply put your two petz in the Playpen. Make sure that no toys or objects are there, they will just disturb your petz. This goes for the music box too! Now just wait, and a heart will pop up in no time.
It's generally easier to get two non-related petz to fall in love, than two that are closely related.
Hazel gets sprayed with the Love Spray.

See / get your petz' ideal weight 
Want to see how your petz looks when it has its ideal weight? It's not hard. Simply put on a clothing item! If your petz suddenly looks thinner or fatter, that's what its ideal weight looks like. If it looks exactly the same, congrats! Your petz has its perfect weight! You can take off the clothes, and your petz will still have that perfect build for a little while, then it will somehow magically change back ;) If you need to get some good pics of your petz and don't have the time to work on its weight, just take on and off a clothing item, and start taking photos while it looks good. I recommend trying to reach your petz' perfect weight, though. Making a petz gain weight is a piece of cake. Just start feeding it treats. 6 - 10 treats, and your petz will have gained some weight.
Getting a petz to loose weight takes a little longer, but it's not that hard. Just leave your petz to play with the bubble machine, the car, the auto-rolling ball and / or other fast and moving toys. Spending a day with your petz letting it play a lot and not eat very much can work real well too, and petz love spending time with their owner!

Making poodles pose
Yes, poodles *can* pose, but it requires some work, and it won't look as good as other dogz' poses.
Go to the Clothes Closet, and put down the poodle so that it's lined up, just like you do when taking photos of other dogz. Now, put on a clothing item and quickly take it off (since most judges won't accept clothes). Now, if you're very lucky, your poodle will do a quick pose. Quick! The camera! There, you know have a photo of your poodle posing :)

Making siameses, alley catz and orange shorthairs pose
Not hard, in fact, it's easier than making the poodle above pose.
When you take out your catz, it will run to the hand (mouse) and do something. Sometimes, if you're lucky, it will pose! So when you bring out your catz, make it follow the hand until it's lined up, then stop. If you're lucky, the catz will now pose. Be ready with the camera! If the catz didn't pose this time, go to another room (where the procedure is repeated) or take it out and back in again to try again. Keep trying! This is also how you get poses with B+Ws looking for friendly, Maine coons with eyelids showing etc.

Spice up the rooms
If you are tired of the same old clocks and paintings in your rooms, you can hang up some of the blinking christmas lights on the walls! Try to create patterns - it can look real cool if you do it carefully! I once two vases with flowers in the Family room, and put lights in patterns around them - it turned out real nice!
Another way to spice up your plaza is to plant flowers in the backyard. I tried using those pink flowers to write "petz". You can create real nice patterns here, too!

Longer name than allowed in the game
I prefer to let my petz have their show name and title in the game, so it's easier to follow their relatives in the family tree, and to see whether the pet has any relatives with show titles. Let's say I want Orange to have her show name, SGCh NB's Southern Fruit, as her name in Petz. It's too long! How to fix it? Easy! There are to ways:

Copy the petz
Copy the petz, and rename it while doing so. Then return the "original" petz.

"Secret" renaming
Close the game, and go into the Adopted Petz Folder. Then just rename your petz' file to whatever you want!