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Tina is my 2nd dog ever :) She's 4 years old now, and the most hyper and most stupid (it's true!) pup to ever walk on this planet! She's been very sick as young, so sick that she stopped in growth! She's still the same size as a 6 month old pup! Oh yeah, did I mention that she's a cavalier king charles spaniel? She's blenheim, which means that she's white with deep red patches and a special spot on her forehead which is called the Beauty Spot! Only 1 out of 5 blenheim cavaliers have it :D

Tina likes to train agility, although sometimes it can be hard to keep track of such a small dog! You have to be careful, so that you don't step on her ;) 
Tina always sleeps in my bed - usually under the covers. She likes to sleep between my knees. It gets very hot in the summer, lemme tell you! What I don't like when it comes to having Tina in my bed is that she snores very very very very high! It's annoying and makes it hard to sleep >_<

Some of Tina's nicknames are Pina ("pina" is swedish for "torment"), Pin-djuret (comes from Pina, means "the torment animal") and the same thing I call Nellie, Älsklingspussen (favourite kiss). The less cute nicknames have been given to Tina because of the fact that she is the wildest, hardest-to-get-to-obey dog I've ever met! As long as you have some yummy hotdogs she usually comes, tho! 

Anyway, here are some pics of Tina-Pina ;)

A pretty good photo of Tina :) Taken in a typical swedish forest, btw...

Tina training agility... And no, she didn't turn the table in the background over...

Tina just looking somewhere, still in that forest... It looks like she's chewing bubblegum or something, don't you think?