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Hi! My name is Rock! I am an 8th+++ Generation PURE Dalmatian! I am just a puppy, and not abused or anything. Amy owns me, and I love getting bathed all the time! I also loved getting brushed as you can see!

This is me...
I am a very cute puppy, and need a good form. I have not been entered in any shows, but have a grrrreat pose! Show and breeding homes ONLY! I must get bathed a lot and need to play with other pets. I bark little and only bark at you or other pets while playing! I also love to explore!

Here is my pose picture! Aren't I grrreat?!?!? I love to pose! You must enter me in shows!!!!! I am best with an owner who is very serious into showing and breeding.

Quick Rock facts:

Show name: PIB's Rock This World
Call name: Rock
Breed/Gen: 8th+++ gen. dalmatian
Gender: Male
Favourite food bowl: N/A
Favourite toy: N/A
Special traits: Loves to pose and explore! Nice pet!
Show points: Hasn't been entered in shows yet
For: Dogz 5

Adopt me, and I promise you will love me! Fill out the form and send it to my owner, Amy!