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My rabbits

I've got four rabbits, and I'm too lazy to make a page for each one, so here they are :)
As a little note: All of my rabbits, except Nina, have names that have something to do with astronomy :D

Nova is about a year old, and it was from her I got my online name :D She's a blue holland lop ear rabbit, and has a very special personality. When I come out to feed her, she is always leaning onto the fence like a wet rug or something, and I can barely open the cage door in fear of her falling out! 
Nova has had two litters this far. In her 1st, there were 12 babies, but they all died (very common among rabbits - the 1st litter usually doesn't survive) and in the 2nd she had 4 little babies - all of them survived and are now happily living in their new homes ^_^
Oh yeah, and a nova is an exploding star :D

Nina was given to me as an adult. She's about 4 or 5 years old now, and a holland lop ear rabbit just like Nova and Polaris. She's brown with black hair tips and lighter belly and markings, so she looks a lot like a wild rabbit! She's not that tame, but at least she's not afraid of me...
I don't think that Nina has had any litters. I tried to pair her up with my (now dead) rabbit Starly, but Nina chased him off... 

Leo is my only non-lop ear rabbit! He's a leonhead! Leonheads are known to have manes, that's how they got their name, but Leo doesn't have one... Just some fuzz on his head that make him look like Einstein ;)
Leo is a sort of black colour, but not really black... More like dark dark brown, actually. His belly has a lighter colour.
His name comes from the star sign Leo, as you might have guesses, and I think it matches him real well, especially since he's a "lion rabbit"!

Polaris is my youngest rabbit! She's a holland lop ear, white with grey muzzle, ears, paws and tail - sort of like a siamese cat! She's still rather small compared to Nova and Nina, but just as tough! She gets angry when I don't pick something tasty for her to eat!
Polaris got her name from "Stella Polaris" - greek for the Northern Star.

Merak is my youngest rabbit! I don't know when he is born, but I bought him on june 30th, 2002. He is yellow with black patches, simply adorable, and has really long ears (longer than his head!). He's calm but curious, and perhaps I'll let him have babies with for example Nova or Polaris one day ^^ If he had babies with Polaris (she's white and grey, you know) I'm sure they'd have really cool babies! I just gotta convince my parents of that little fact.. ^^;
Merak got his name from a star on the northern hemisphere, which is named Merak. Isn't it a beautiful name? I like it, anyway!