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Family fun

Aww... How cute ;) You have a few but loved petz, generally doesn't like hexing/inbreeding/owning lots of petz and/or abuse. Well, you are a nice person and people like you. Your petz might not be all flashy, but they mean a lot to you and you love them. You probably have a cute site with Petz Tipz and other things. You don't like those newer sites where they say a lot of bad words and hex and breed petz like they didn't matter at all...
Well, okay, so you are all nice and lovley. That's good. Just try to keep in mind that petz are just pixels :) Did you ever try to breed a bunch of fugly petz just to see what they turned out like? It's fun, try it!
Here's a little piccie you can use on your site, or whatever, if you want :) Don't forget to link back to !