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Petz Shows - Rules / Enter

I consider myself to have quite fair rules, so please follow them:

  • All breedz and crosses of catz/dogz welcome, including wildz
  • Enter as many petz as you want!
  • I prefer all entries for the same show in the same email, and not zipped, but I will accept one entry per email and zipped
  • I will email everyone who entered when the show is over
  • I go by the EPCPS show system (the common one, 5 pts for BIS, 4 pts for 1st and so on, Rc - SGCh status)
  • I reserve the right to delete any entries without telling the person who entered them (edited show pictures)
  • Normal poses, poodle poses (laying down), dali poses and siamese poses (laying down or standing up) - all welcome! Just remember to enter the right category :)
  • Name the entries after the petz show names and I'll love you forever! (because I have to rename each and every entry when I get them, and it takes time!)

Well, that's it then :) 
There are currently three shows - catz, dogz and dalis With dalis, I mean not just dalis, but all dogz that pose dali-style, with their whole face showing. No need to tell me which dog goes to which category - I can tell the differences between the poses ;) 
Enter all of your petz XD

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Call name:
Owner's email:

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