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Here are random funny/weird/cute pics of my petz that I just had to show you ;)
Hold the mouse over the pix to see the petz' names. Newer pics at the top.

Alleys are such nice catz...

"I'm sooo gonna punch him!"

BIG jump!

Pretty cat?

Don't look at me!

NB's Chu Chu Rocket
Eep! My tongue fell out!

Um... Right

Wow, nice ears you've got there OO;

NB's Clouded Mind and Pixie/NB's Heaven And Earth
Tough guy!

Cosar/NB's Always Hurry, "Bee"
The food! It's alive!!!

SGCh NB's Chimera
I think this one sort of speaks for itself...

SGCh NB's Chimera
Oooh... My stomach... I will never eat a whole box of spider cookies again...

SGCh NB's Chimera
Something told Chimera that there was no more food in the bowl.

NB's Clouded Mind
Please! I beg you! Please, please! I don't wanna have a bath! Please!

NB's Clouded Mind
This is what happens if you pull somebody's ears!

NB's Made of Gold
Ya know... This schtuff ish pretty goohd!

NB's Made of Gold
Um... Nova? Remember that box that I wasn't supposed to open...?

SGCh NB's Chimera
Um, Chimera? Maybe running and posing at once isn't such a good idea after all?

SGCh NB's Chimera

UMZ/NB's American Dessert "Cobbler"

Pixie/NB's Heaven And Earth "Fiji"

Pixie/NB's Heaven And Earth "Fiji"
Can you see if I got any Luvz stuck between my teeth?

NB's Furry Flurry
It's should be illegal to be this cute!

NB's Clouded Mind "Linen" and Pixie/NB's Heaven And Earth "Fiji"
Ooh! Why don't you come over here, handsome!

NB's Harpy
Eek! My glasses!

NB's Kylin
Another simply adorable puppy pic! OO

NB's Kylin
Ouch! Stupid bee!

NB's Southern Fruit
"And now, for tonight only! The incredible, fantastic... the hunchback tamsin, Orange!"

"Agh! I'm the strongest!" "No, I'm the best fighter!"
Two random hamilton hound pups!

NB's Katie
You talkin' to me?