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Edited PetzPix

Here are petz pix that I have edited to look differently. It can be small details, or pretty much the whole pic. No stealing, please. If I find my pics on a site or in a contest without my approval, I won't be a happy kitten. I worked really hard on these pics, often for several hours! If you want to use them on your site, email me and we'll discuss it! I will probably say yes, if you ask nicely :)
Oh, and newer pics at the bottom.

How I made these pics?
Sometimes I use MS Paint, but I usually use Paintshop Pro and sometimes Adobe Photoshop. I can't tell you how to do everything, but I have tutorials on how to make several of the things, such as wings, smugded effect etc ^^

I did this after seeing the meteor shower on november 19th 2002... It's Chimera, standing in a field, seeing something you don't see every day! I already had the background, I just hid Chimera's feet in the grass, added the meteor and gave Chim some shading. I got the idea for the pic when I got the pic of him... He looked like he was looking at something spectacular in the sky behind him, and the picture was born!
Made entirely in paintshop pro.

I did this one the day after the pic with Chimera above! I love unicorns, and during my visit to Stockholm in the beginning of Novemeber 2002, I bought a book about them. This is Orange as a winged Chi'lin, a chinese unicorn! I began by simply drawing wings on her, since it was so long ago that I did a pet with wings, and I just kept adding more and more to the pic, until it looked like this!
Made entirely in paintshop pro.

After the pic above, I did this quick little pic. It's not that good, but what the heck... It's Hazel, dancing. Maybe she's an ice princess... that's what I called the pic, anyway! It was originally a more purple tone, but I added some blue. Too much blue and purple "blur" around the pic itself, but that's because I used the stars tube in Paintshop pro...
Made entirely in paintshop pro.

Just a quick pick of Hazel blinking... I needed it for the picture below...
Made in MS Paint.

Hazel's valentines pic XD My my, she looks prepared!

Chimera has a card ready as well! This is for his mate, Klk's Don't Worry, Be Happy, aka Koni :)

Actually, this one is rather old... It's Chimera, as um...something Oo;
Done entirely in Paintshop pro

This one is OLD, but I still really like it. It's SGCh NB's Breaking the barrier :)
Done entirely in paintshop pro.

Eep! My Bender has been robotoziced ;_;
Then again, what can you expect from a pet named Raging Robot?
Done entirely in paintshop pro, using vector. There's a tutorial on that here on Supernova. 

Arwen as a winged statue :)
Done entirely in Paintshop pro, using vector and a lot of cut and paste.

Nellie and Cyber the hexed calico. An unusual meeting!
Basically just cut and paste.

Quick little pic of Bender and Bee, trying out a new smudging technique :) Done in PSP.

Order and Chaos. Peace and War. Love and Hate. Yin and Yang. Whichever you prefer:
Done in PSP.