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Petz care

New to Petz? Here's a little page about petz care, created with the help of the black tamsin NB's Darkness Rising, "Dark".

Food / water
Feed your pet every day - but not too often, or it will grow fat! Dogz eat out of the grey steel bowl and the blue plastic bowl, catz out of the red or green bowl. About one bowl is enought per petz, sometimes they will eat less.
After a good meal, your petz might want to drink. Signs of thirst include panting, hitting the shelf and carrying around the bowl. Let your pet drink as often as it wants.

What about treats?
Sure, feed your pet some treats, just no too many. Treats are ideal for skinny petz when you want them to gain weight, but I wouldn't recommend giving lots of treats to fat petz. When training a pet, don't feed it more than about 10 treats, or it will probably start to gain weight.
If your pet has been a good boy/girl and eaten all of his food, you could always give him/her a little treat as a reward ;)

Dark eats some dog chow!

Most dogz, and several catz, love fast toyz. Some atlethic dogz, such as dalmatians, can become great frisbee catchers if given practice. This is an excellent way to exercise these breedz, and most dogz enjoy chasing the frisbee.
Other great toys that petz never tire of are the different balls, jingle toys, and the automatic toys, such as the auto-rolling ball and the car. My tamsin Dark loves to actually catch the ball in motion, just like he catches the frisbee! 

All petz need to play to be happy and stay fit, so try to let your pet play with you every day. If you don't have the time, you could let two petz play together, but try to let each pet spend a little time with you as well.

Dark catches his fave toy - the green frisbee!

Coat care
Different breedz need different types of coat care, but all petz need to get brushed now and then to keep their coat sleek and smooth. Use one of the brushes. While you're at it, why not give your pet a spray with the flea spray as well? Especially if your pet is scratching itself or rolling around a lot! Petz love being brushed, and it's a great way to give a sad pet some extra care.

Dark gets brushed.... Aaahh...

Try to not wake your pet up when it goes to sleep - all petz need a nap now and then! Let your pet sleep, perhaps you can work on something else on your computer in the meanwhile, and let your pal get new energy and make himself/herself ready for more action in a minute!

A part of petz ownership that can often be forgotten - petting! Just like being brushed, all petz love being petted! Take a few minutes to pet your pet. Scratch behind its ears, give it a few good pats on the back and rub its belly - after a while, your petz might fall asleep with a smile on its face. Take the time to pet your pet (heh). After giving all of its love and compassion, your pet deserves that much, don't you think?

Getting petted ish good!


Other petz
If you want your pet to play with another dog/cat, make sure that they like each other. Otherwise, one pet might chase the other one around, and you don't want that to happen, right? Petz can have really fun together, but they can also wake each other up, steal treats and act like professional brats! So before you leave your two petz, make sure that they like each other and that they have food, water, toys and what else they might need. Also, you might want to sure that they can get away from each other if needed. If you leave a catz with a dogz, you might want to leave it in the kitchen or somewhere else where the cat can get away from the dog and vice versa.

Dark meets Sour Cream for the first time!