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My Petz 5 review

Here's what I think of Petz 5, good and bad, what to watch out for, and how it could be improved. This is not a "Should you buy or not"-review. It's about the details in the game. Whether I think you should get it or not? By all means, buy it! You'll enjoy it, and if you want to avoid being left out in the Petz Community, you'd better get it, since petz can't be transferred between 3/4 and 5... And more and more people will probably get Petz 5... Just don't expect a super-game that solves all of your petz problems...

First off
First off, I want to kill off some of those "Petz 5 is bleh"-things that are going on. Like I read somewhere, we got pretty much everything that we asked for in Petz 4! We got more breedz, litterz, day-night cycles and weather! So stop complaining about that! Okay, so I complain too, but I at least I explain why I think like I do :)

The breedz
Ah, of course. The new breedz! What are they like?

German shepherd
The first dog I adopted. German shepherd pups are adorable, but when they pose, their ears go all weird and cross each other... It looks very silly. When adult, their pose takes a turn for the (much) worse, I'm afraid. Their head isn't very good, and the front is much heavier than the back, making the dog look sort of weird. Cute dog which gives cool colours, but not a show breed. The colour is dominant (meaning that if a, let's say, white breed and a german shepherd have pups, the pups will be coloured like the shepherd.

Golden retriever
I've heard a lot of complains about this breed, but I don't think it looks that bad. It's just fur that makes it look fat! Maybe, you can get long-haired dalis, mutts etc by careful breeding with this breed! But, since all goldens fall asleep when you lift them, they are awfully hard to get to pose right. Not the nr 1 show breed.

Jack russell terrier
Awfully cute, probably the best dog breed made for Petz 5. They are cute and fuzzy, their personality similar to the dachshund. I'd say they are dali-posers. So far, I have seen two colour variations: with or without patch on the back. The only downside to this breed is that they look quite skinny as adults, skinnier than RL-jackies anyway.

The papillon is okay, but I think the tail could be a lot better. And the name "Pappy" isn't what I'd call creative! But I like those fur-things on the side... Imaging breeding that onto your bulldog! Comes in several colour variations - I like the one above best. It looks funny when walking around shivering. They act EXACTLY like my RL-dog Tina, it's almost scary! She's a cavalier king charles spaniel though!

Meet "Puggy" the... well, pug. A cute breed, but it misses a part of its tounge... Just like when it comes to the bulldog, I doubt I'll pay this breed much attention. The nose could look look funny when bred onto another breed, though!
Comes in cream and black, just like RL-pugs.
It looks sort of skinny, my guess is that it doesn't get much larger, but rather just "fills out" over time, just like the chihuahua. I'd love to see a white pug, wouldn't you?

I couldn't resist calling my honeybear Fatso... See why? This is a bod that you do NOT want the kittens to inherit (similar to sheepies and mutts...) I'd say that it has the nicest textured coat, besides my favourite, the fold. You'd think it'd sound like a persian or maine coon, wouldn't you? Well, it doesn't... Meet Scaredy catz-meower! That's right, it sounds similar to an orange shorthair!

Egyptain Mau
Cute cat, but I don't like the texture. It looks like a carpet or something. And why is the tailtip black?! I've looked at pics of this breed, but I've never seen one that looks like this! There is not really anything special with this breed, and I don't think I'll adopt one and keep.

Desert Lynx
You can't say you don't dig those ears! But feel free to say that you don't like the texture and the black tail... What's up with textured coats anyway? I mean, 4 out of the 5 new catz breedz have them! Really, why?

Japanese Bobtail
The bobtail, seen on the top pic along with Nero the shepherd, reminds me of a B+W when it comes to personality. Meet the new show breed! Never again will you have to worry about the tail when trying to get a good pose! A good choice, especially if you like B+Ws! They look a little scrawny when grown up, though.

Scottish fold
I saved the best for last :) This breed is cute and sweet, and I think it has the best textured coat. I love those little ears, and the sweet "meow". They are a bit heavy in body, but the cool coat makes up for it. Adopt a scottish fold today, and cross it with a bobtail - the result is cool!

Raining in the AC, nighttime
Weather / Playscenes
Personally, besides sunny, I've had snow, rain and thunderstorm. I like the weather effects, but they don't stay... So if you see snow when in the Family room, and hurry to the Backyard, the snow will be gone... Aw, bummer... I really like the weather effects, but I'd like to see the petz interact with the weather. Perhaps breedz like the papillon and the chihuahua could feel cold, perhaps the poodle would try to hide from the rain etc. As of now, the Petz have no idea that there is weather! 
Also, if your computer is a little slow, like mine, the weather can make the game really slow, so I often turn off the weather effects.

The playscenes are okay, but for several of them, like the Haunted Mansion, you can't do anything but play the mini-games in them! I'd prefer interactive playscene with lots to do, rather than an empty scene with little to do at all...
I like the games, but tic-tac-toe is too hard for me... While the others are too easy... How about an Easy/Medium/Difficult switch?

Quick opinions

 + -  ! ?
Litterz! I want even bigger ones! Why not have up to 8 babies? XD

New breedz - we wanted them - we got them!

More items! More toys and stuff are never wrong!

Colours inherit slightly differently - you can now get a partly coloured tail, for example!

Upgraded to 24 bit graphics! Finally!

You can create your own toy cases!

The german shepherd's ears! Weird...

The game crashes a lot! I crashed it 5 times within 24 hrs...

Requires the CD when playing...

The Playpen is gone! But of course, you can create your own... It's funny how I complain about too little to do in the playscenes, and then complain about loosing the empty playpen *lol*

Several of the breedz are messed up, and there is a bug which causes some pups to be born mute.


You get awfully many petz awfully quick with litterz!

Fading screen effect!

Petz is now found under Ubi Soft\Studio Mythos\ on your computer, not under PF.Magic\

The new breed sounds! Even though some are simply edited versions of the old ones...

Petz stop posing when you keep taking photos of them!

Name your papillon Pappy? And your pug Puggy? C'mon, that's the best you could think of?

How come 4 of the 5 new catz breedz have textured coats?

It would be more fun if you didn't win toys that you already have 200 times before getting the love potion and the other good stuff...