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P5 Help Info

When reading through the Help section of Petz 5 and the instructions, I discovered some things that might be of interest. Here you go!

Help section: Importing Original Petz into Petz 5
If you import a baby Petz but not its parents, its parents’ pictures won’t appear in the Petz Profile. Also, Hexed Breedz and Hexed Petz will not import correctly."
Nova: Wow, cool! They use the term hexed petz! Before, it has always been "modified files" or something like that!

Help section: Training Your Petz
In Petz 5, you directly affect the behavior of your Petz by how you reinforce or discourage your Petz’ actions. If you reward your Petz for a certain type of behavior, they may remember the reward and try to repeat the behavior more often. If you discipline your Petz (by spraying them with the Water Spray Bottle), they will remember the discipline and will be less likely to make the same mistake again.
Nova: Show pose training! It works! My scottish fold is a real cam-hog by now, she poses all the time!

Instructions: Stuck pregnancies
When you cheat with your computer's calendar to speed up the birth of your Puppyz, the mother will become struck in her pregnancy status. If this happens, there is no way to fix it! Be patient, don't do it!!
Nova: Don't worry, you can still "cheat" and time forward. I do it all the time. Just keep in mind that your pet COULD get stuck in her pregnancy. But it CAN be fixed by hexing, so don't worry about it.

Instructions: Hexies
Some fans modify the files in the game and offer them for downloading on their fan sites. We think this is cool! In fact, we're flattered. But since Ubi Soft did not create this content, installing any modified files not from Ubi Soft breeches our warranty and support policies. In other words, if it breaks the game, we cannot help you fix it.
Nova: Makes sense! I've never heard of anyone's game crashing, though. I'm happy to hear that Ubi Soft doesn't mind hexies, since it's actually illegal (by hexing, you break the copyright laws). I think it's cool that they use "our" term, hexies, instead of just "modified files" like hexies have been called before!

Instructions: Runaways
Now if any of your Dogz/Catz runaway, they may be found and turned-in to the Adoption Centre! Check the Message Board next to the building for any notes that your dogz was found. If your Dogz/Catz runs away, you will only get one more chance to be a good Dogz/Catz owner to him/her. Your Dogz/Catz depend on you for their care and happiness!
Nova: That's what the noteboard is for, for those who wonder :)