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P5 Gamez Help

Having problems with the mini games in Petz5? Here are some tips!

Personally, I can't win this since I'm no good at Tic-tac-toe anyway. The most common problem however, is being unable to mark the right spot when playing - that darn pup just won't land right! The secret is to lift your pet, and let go with it so that it lands with the front (chest) on the spot. If it makes an error noise, try moving the dog a little up/down or left/right. This method (the front method) always works with me, and I never have problems marking the right spot.

Mr Bonez
This game actually took a good while for me to figure out ;)
See those panels glowing? Wait until Mr Bonez is finished. Lift your pet, and hold it over the right panel (you do not need to put it down). Now remove it. Now two panels will glow. Do the same again, in the right order. You will have to do it 4 times - 1 panel, 2 panels, 3 panels and 4 panels. After that, you will be rewarded :)

Mr Knight
This game isn't too hard. Click on the rock, scissors or the paper. Win twice to be rewarded.

This one is by far easiest to do with an atlethic dog, like a dali or a tamsin.

Place your pet beside the first pole. Call it with the cursor, and when it stands before the second pole, make if come to you again, but place the hand higher up, so that the dog will run up and behind the second pole. Then make it run before the last pole.

Lift the dog and let it sit on the table. If it jumps down without having been sitting (without whining) on the table, lift it up again. When it has sat there and jumps down, you will have passed.

Hop through the ring
First, let your pet get used to the ring. Then, hold it in your hand and do the same motion that you do when doing a trick - up and down. When the dog comes to you, hold still and let it jump through the ring.

I haven't really gotten my petz to walk this one. I put them on it, lift them and put them on the middle and then the edge, and waits for them to jump down. Appearantly, that's enough to pass.

Scarab Crunch
Probably the easiest game. 6 scarabs will come out of the vases. Just hold the mouse over them. You can also call your petz to the hand, to help you.