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Newbie help - Common terms


Here you can find a list of common terms, words etc used in the world of petz! If there is a word in the PC that you have heard several times but do not understand, email me and I can tell you what it means, if I know :)

Adoption Application - You will sometimes need to fill out one of these to apply for a pet that you would like to adopt.
AXE - A program used to hex petz.

Babyz - Another game by PF.Magic, where you take care of babies.
BC - Short for Babyz Community.
BMG - Short for The Breedmakers' Guild, a club that registers breeds made by selective breeding (more about selective breeds under "selective breed").
Bob, bobbed - Petz that have had their tails "cut off" by hexing. The japanese bobtail and the desert lynx have natural bobbed tails.

Checksum - When hexing a pet file it's important to keep the checksum the same. When hexing breed files, you do not need to worry about the checksum, but the length of the file must still be the same (if you add bytes, you must delete as many bytes somewhere else in the file etc)
Cropping - Giving a dogz that normally has hanging ears standing ones, using hexing, such as putting great dane ears on a dalmatian.

Dali - short for dalmatian.
Dali pose - a pose where the dog is looking at the camera, showing its whole face.
DKC - Dogz Kennel Club, a kennel club for petz owners that hold shows and other trials.
Double texed - A term used to describe a petz that has several textures, read more under 'textures'.

EPCPS - Perhaps the most famous petz site ever, when it was still running! EPCPS (which was originally known as CDAC) was the first site that ever posted hexed breeds for download (the chinese crested for Dogz II).
Eye patch - A petz that has been hexed to have a patch, consisting of one or several spots, around its eye.

Flares - Petz that have had their legs hexed to be bigger and fuzzier, giving the impression of flares on the legs.


Halfie - A hexed pet with a spot formation giving the appearance of a bi-coloured pet that is one colour on the right side, and one colour on the left side.
Hex - Editing breeds, pet files, toys etc, usually in a special program. Hex editing requires experience and knowledge, but there are many tutorials that can help you, and it's not as hard as it may seem at first.
Hexed ancestry - A petz with hexed relatives, e.g a hexed mother.
Hexie - A hexed petz
Hex coloured - A petz that has had its colours changed in a hex program.
Hex Workshop - The most common program for hex editing.





Meezer - nickname for siamese catz.
Meezer pose - See siamese pose
MPA - Short for My Petz Adoptions. MPA's are petz that were previously owned by the site owner, but are now up for adoption.


Oddballz - another program by PF.Magic, where you take care of fantasy animals.
Original breeds - The total of 30 petz breeds that are found in the game when you first install them - the breeds that are not hexed.
OSH - Short for orange shorthair.

Pastels - nickname for the popular sites that were in the PC a few years ago.
PC - Short for Petz Community.
PF.Magic - the company that originally created Petz. By many viewed as the "true" owner of Petz.
Pick of the litter - The breeder's favourite puppy/kitten in a litter. You might have to fill out a slightly longer form for the POTL, than for its siblings.
POTL - See Pick of The Litter.
PKC - Petz Kennel Club. A kennel/cattery club for petz owners, that holds shows and other trials.
Poodle pose - A special pose that only poodles and poodle mixies perform. The most preferred poodle pose is when the poodle is laying down, looking forward with its eyes open.
PSP - Short for Paintshop pro, a program often used to make graphics. Shareware version can be downloaded from


Resource Hacker - A program used to hex petz. It's quite different from, for example, Hex Workshop.

Selective breed - A breed that has been created through breeding petz with the traits you want, until all their puppies/kittens breed true (look like their parents). A breed is not a true selective breed until it breeds true. A breed requires 5 generations of "looking the same" before it breeds true.
Siamese pose - A special pose that only siameses and siamese mixes perform. There are several variations, and none seem to be the most preferred, as far as I know.
Sheepie - Short for Sheepdog.
Show poses - A special pose that your pet will perform sometimes when you take several photos of it. These are used in shows, and there are strict rules when it comes to how a pose should look. All breeds can pose, but it requires different amounts of work for different breeds.
Skunk stripe - A hexed pet with a spot formation that looks like a stripe down its back, sort of like a skunk.

Tamsin - A selective breed that should basically be a dalmatian with mutt patches. Comes in many variations. It was Star of Starswept who first wrote the standard for the tamsin, though this type of dog is very old, it had never had it's own "name" before.
Textures - All petz (unless deleted through hexing) have textures "under the fur", that can be changed through hexing. A hexed texed petz can for example have had its texture changed to another, sometimes they can be very colourful.

Ubi Soft - Current owner of Petz.
URL - The adress to a website, mine, for example, is

VIM - A program used to hex petz.