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My tamsins

Here are my tamsins. All are available for breeding with other tamsins unless otherwise stated, but none is up for adoption. Hold the mouse over them for more info. Note that some of my tamins are 1st gen tamsins, and I can't garantuee that the pups will be tamsins too... 
Personally, I tend to fall in love with black tamsins, especially if they have white markings and light coloured eyes ;)

Some people don't like tamsins, saying that they are all too popular and all. Well, I like this type of dogz. I've always been fond of dalmatians, and tamsins offer all the things I love in dalmatians, + more colours, patches, without or without spots, short or long fur... I like them, and that I stand for. It's not like I don't have other breeds etc to offer at Supernova - I breed B+Ws, great danes and I have my own selective breed as well as hexed breeds. My tamsins have one page. One single page, same for B+Ws. So yeah, this site isn't exactly specialized ;)

SGCh NB's Elven Heart "Arwen" [F] NB's Fantasy x NB's Brave Knight. Registered at Starswept.
SGCh Pixie/NB's Heaven And Earth "Fiji" [F] A gift ^^ McAlister x Ron. Registered at Starswept.
GCh NB's Clouded Mind "Linen" [M] Downloaded from Vickie's Petz (go there to get your own Linen ;) ), 2nd gen: Freckle x Scrappy. Registered at Starswept.
PIH/NB's Blaze Of Colours "Blazer" [F] Adopted: Patches x Samus. Registered at Starswept.
RCh NB's Darkness Rising "Dark" [M] SGCh NB's Elven Heart x NB's Raymond Rascal. Registered at Starswept.
NB's Furry Flurry [M] SGCh Pixie/NB's Heaven And Earth x GCh NB's Clouded Mind. Registered at Starswept.
SGCh NB's Hazel Orbs [F] PIH/NB's Blaze Of Colours x  GCh NB's Clouded Mind. Registered at Starswept.
SGCh PSM/NB's Tears of Sorrow "Tammie" [F] Adopted: Wagz/LSB's In the Dark of The Night x LSB's Once in a Blue Moon . Registered at Starswept.
SGCh NB's Southern Fruit "Orange" [F] GCh NB's Clouded Mind x SGCh Pixie/NB's Heaven And Earth. Registered at Starswept.
MGCh UMZ/NB's American Dessert "Cobbler" [M] Adopted. 8th gen: SGCh UMZ Secret Isle of Naboombu x SilverToo/UMZ Your it!
SSB/NB's Through the Winter "Knipe" [M] Adopted. 8th gen: SPP/SSB's Silver Glitter x ST/SSB's It Was My Destiny
MGCh SSB/NB's Moment of Truth "Socks" [F] Adopted. 8th gen: Goul x Stella
SGCh Cosar/NB's Always Hurry "Bee" [F] Disturbed/Cosar's Big Floof Ball x Splendor/Cosar Santa's Little Helper
SGCh Cosar/NB's Through The Fire "Lilac" [F] Adopted.
RCh SSB/NB's Live And Learn "Elana" [F] Adopted
RCh NB's Raging Robot "Bender" [M] MGCh PSM/NB's Tears of Sorrow x ???
Cosar/NB's Anywhere Is "Clef" [M] Adopted from Cosar
Cosar/NB's To Go Beyond "Air" [M] Adopted From Cosar
"Tsunami" [M] Gift from Shannon of Understood! Thank you :D