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Rabbit babies!
(Lots of photos on this page, so it might take a good while to load, depending on what type of internet connection you have!)
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On may 12th 2003, two of my rabbits, Nova and Polaris, each gave birth to some adorable babies! I wanna show off these beauties, so here are some photos :D
Uh, if you live in Sweden (close to GBG) and are interested in buying one of these, email me. The price will be around SEK 300-450 I think, depending on colours and how they turn out when they get older. They will be used to kids as well as dogs :) The babies will be ready to be sold when they are about 7 weeks old. Until then, I can enjoy these little bundles of joy and watch them grow up to beautiful rabbits. Ah, nature is indeed what makes life worth to live!

24 days old
They have gotten even larger! They hop around in the cages, looking around, eating the same food as their mom etc. They are also far more aware of the world around them, and will happily go exploring in every corner! They have gotten names as well: the black one is Anubis (named by my online friend Rati), the blue ones are Castor and Pollux (named by me), the siamese is named Milly or Texas, depending on gender (already a Milly in my eyes ^_~) The tortie? Well, I don't know yet! Feel free to email me with suggestions!
castor&Pollux.jpg (56097 byte) madagaskar.jpg (46736 byte) Milly.jpg (47378 byte) anubis.jpg (34909 byte)

16 days old
Aw...They just keep growing! All have opened their eyes, and they are beginning to hop around a little. Some have even started to eat grass! I can tell the difference between the blue babies by looking at their foreheads, one has a lighter patch. The siamese (whiteish) one has been given to my best friend (it will stay with me until big enough to leave it's mom, of course) and will probably be named Milly or Texas, depending on its gender. It's still too early to tell for sure!
bla1.jpg (47365 byte) bla2.jpg (60380 byte) madagaskar.jpg (48123 byte) siam.jpg (50663 byte) svart.jpg (28840 byte)

10 days old
Guess what?! The blue babies have opened their eyes! Check out the pic! Now I'm just waiting for the others to do so as well :D
blå110.jpg (38382 byte) blå210.jpg (47347 byte) madagaskar10.jpg (27051 byte) siam10.jpg (33040 byte) svart10.jpg (39225 byte) 

1 week old
Aww.. They've grown fur, and they have tiny, tiny claws and teeth! There are 5 babies, here they all are! The first pic is of GREAT quality, check it out! ;)
Two of them are blue! YAY!!!
bla1.jpg (53058 byte) Bla2.jpg (49574 byte) Madagaskar.jpg (34934 byte) Siam.jpg (54564 byte) Svart.jpg (52788 byte) Sma_fotter.jpg (84518 byte)

4 days old
I've managed to get photos of both of the rabbits' litters now, and I *think* that two of Nova's babies are blue. If so, I'm very lucky, because it's a rare and hard-to-get colour! Polaris has two babies, one is brown/black, one is grey/white. I'm very curious about the last one, I wonder if it will look anything like its mother when grown up!

One day old
I've only managed to get photos of Novas litter so far. She has three babies, two greyish and one black. They are her third litter, and everything seems to be in perfect order!