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PKC Petz

A while ago, I got into PKC. I'm still quite new to it, but I've found it real fun. The shows are very exciting and it's fun to be able to gain points and titles for your petz. Sure, that cool hexed cat or dog might not be able to compete, but hey, who says you can only be into one part of the petz world? I enter pose shows, PKC shows, fun shows, edited shows, publicy judged shows... You name it :D
I am registered in the PKC as Nova, under Nova Blue Kennel and Cattery. My prefixes are NB, Nova and Nova Blue. I usually use NB, and my owner ID is 104. I have four registered petz right now. Night was my first pet ever registered with the PKC =)

Show name: NB's Contradiction
Call name: Night
PKC#: A1128 (Old: 86783124)
Breed: Collie (smooth)
Generation: 1st
Minor points: 10
Major points: 4
Obedience points: 3 novice
Available for breeding: Yes, to PKC-registered collies.
Comments: My first PKC petz =) He has applied for his champion title and the er... first obedience title, forgot what it's called ;)
Since he is a sheepdog = a working breed, I want him to not just be a show dog, which is why I've also competing with him in obedience =)

Show name: NB's Bootz
Call name: Bootz
PKC#: A3306 (old: 8669940)
Breed: B+W Shorthair
Generation: 1st
Minor Points: 0
Major Points: 3
Aptitude points: 0
Available for breeding: No
Comments: Is also a SGCh pose champion.

Show name: NB's Take it Easy
Call name: Essa
PKC#: A1435 (old: 864399335)
Breed: B+W Shorthair
Generation: 1st
Minor Points: 9
Major Points: 0
Aptitude points: 1
Available for breeding: No
Comments: Bootz' mate ;) She was my first PKC petz to win BIS and is doing well in shows at the moment.

Show name: NB's Vikingason
Call name: Balder
PKC#: A2144
Breed: Swedish lapphund
Generation: 1st
Minor Points: 0
Major Points: 0
Obedience points: 0
Available for breeding: Yes
Comments: Because he is the only of his breed registered with the PKC, this doggie is real hard to show (No BOB/BOS unless there are at least 5 of a breed entered) and he hasn't done very well yet. So register some lapps today XD His name is swedish for "Son of vikings".
Ribbons: N/A