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My Catz

Here are (most of) my petz. All are available for breeding unless otherwise stated, but none is up for adoption. Hold the mouse over them for more info. You can find my show catz on the B+Ws page!

NB's Calypso Paradise [M] Adopted from Sophistocatz: Desirae x Homebody
NB's Mushu the Dragon [M] 4th gen: SGCh NB's Bootz x NB's Sommarvind
Mockingbird/NB's Disturbed Peace [F] Adopted from Starswept. Hexed calico.
NB's Chu Chu Rocket [M] 5th gen: GCh NB's First Star x NB's Forest Snow
SGCh NB's Inside Out [M] 1st gen alley catz
SGCh Psycania/NB's California Beauty [F] 2nd gen calico. Gift from Katie! Thank you :D
RCh UMZ/NB's Black Tulip [F] Adopted from UMZ kennelz. Siamese mix.
SSB/NB's Jungle Cat [Grande] Mixie. BIG mixie. Heh.
NB's Capture The Night "Capture" [F] Hexed adopted (from TBA) alley catz.
NB's Don't Laugh "Donny" [M] Mixie. Ha ha, he is my fugliest pet, I love him! ^_^
NB's From Northern Forests, "Vildkatt" [M] 2nd gen chinchilla persian x Maine coon