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My Dogz

Here are (most of) my dogz that I have in my petz program currently. I have more, but they are on discs and such. All are available for breeding unless otherwise stated (or if they're too young), but none is up for adoption. Hold the mouse over them for more info.
Remember, they have (well, most of them) been imported to Petz 5, and Petz 5 petz cannot breed with Petz 3/4 petz without having the latter imported.

SGCh NB's Chimera [M] Great dane, 1st gen.

SGCh NB's Hydra [F] Great dane, 1st gen
Ch NB's Kylin [F] SGCh NB's Chimera x MGCh NB's Hydra
SGCh NB's Harpy [F] SGCh NB's Chimera x MGCh NB's Hydra
NB's Golden Eye, "Goldenrod" [M] Border collie, adopted. My first BC ever...
NB's Contradiction "Night" [M] 1st gen smooth collie. Registered at PKC.
Mwah... Look what my Night has! XD My first PKC-petz, he has now applied for his champion title ^_^
Aaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... Her name is a very, very fitting description! NB's Forgot A Breedfile "Qwizza" [F] Ch Pixie/NB's Heaven And Earth x Spot (tammie/dali - although she certainly doesn't look like it!)
SGCh KLK/NB's Manticore [M] SGCh NB's Chimera x Klk's Don't Worry, be Happy
NB's Chaos Within "Kenny" [M] A gift :)
NB's Magic Number "Math" [M] My Pi-dane XD From Birdy at the Petz Forum - thank you ^_^
NB's Sacred Secret "Lo" [M] A gift :) Orginally mute, but it has been fixed now - thank you Spaamie1 :D