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My Petz Adoptions

Here are petz that were originally owned by me at Nova Blue's kennel. If you wish to adopt one of these petz, please email me with the following info:

Which pet:

Email me here

I'm not that picky, I just want to know what you want the petz for. If several persons email me about the same pet, I will give the pet to the person who emailed me first, or the one that I think has the best reason. When it comes to a some petz, for example show petz, you might need to really show me that you are the perfect owner, because I was on the verge of keeping it myself. You might have to promise me something, for example that you will show the pet...If so, feel free to use the show pic posted.

Please keep NB's in the show name!

Show Name:
NB's Star
Call name: Star
Gender: Female
Generation: 3rd
Breedz: German shepherd
Parents: NB's Eric x NB's Erica
Comments: Inbred (parents are siblings). He was part of an experiment to see whether the fawn or cream shepherd coat is dominant. Carry the genes for both colours.
Special: Nothing.