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NB/PIB's Harvest Moon and NB/PIB's Tommy

Here are the two adorable pupz that are being taken care of by Amy ^^

Quick Moon facts:

Show name: NB/PIB's Harvest Moon
Call name: Moon
Breed/Gen: 3rd Gen. German Shepherd. Inbred!
Gender: Female
Favourite toy: Cat Toys!
Special traits: I *Amy* have been training him! He will complete the Obstacle Course and will not mind the Tic-Tac-Toe or the Beetle Crunch! When you hold up the hoola hop he does a flip through it!
Show points:  Was entered in a show but didn't place. He has a grrrreat show pose though! Is also being entered in 4 other shows.

For: Dogz 5


Quick Tomi facts:

Show name: NB/PIB's Tommy Boy
Call name: Tomi
Breed/Gen: Tabby/Russian Blue 2nd Gen.
Gender: Male
Favourite toy: ?
Special traits: Very calm and is a good poser if you take pictures slowly!
Show points:  Has been entered in a show that hasn't been judged yet. Is being entered in 4 other shows.
For:  Catz5/4 Probably