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Lucky is my cat, and the whiniest being on the planet! You should hear him! One day, I swear I'm gonna tape him and upload the file here, so that you can hear him whining! 

Lucky was born in our house, with his brother Sambo (who has disappeared). Their mother left them, so my cocker Nellie took care of the two kittens instead. The result? Lucky seems to think he's a dog... Ahem. Lucky is now like 6 years old... I'm not sure, actually O_o

This tomcat is one large kitty. Last time I weighed him, it showed 7 kgs. He's very large - even the vet said so! 
Lucky is a sort of golden yellow with darker stripes on his head, a stripe on his back and a striped tail. His body is spotted, and he has white muzzle, white between his eyes, white chest/belly, and white paws. His eyes are greenish yellow. Doesn't he sound like a beauty? Well, he is ^^ His mother was part persian, other than that, he's 100 % europian shorthair :) 

Lucky's favourite play is to stalk and pounce on Tina when I take the dogs for a walk. Tina looks equally surprised each time! Maybe not so suprising, actually, after all, Lucky is larger than my lil dog... 

Well, I guess that is all to say about Lucky for now. His favourite food is dog biscuits, and he prefers to lay sprawled in our yard, sound asleep. Life is good if you're a cat!