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Unique dogz litterz

These litter-puppies, unlike the others, are not freebies that anyone can download! Nope, these are unique petz that I'll only give to one person. So if you want one of these pupss, you need to fill out the form below:

Name of pet:

 Email me

One pet per person per litter, unless the litter has a * to it, that means that you can adopt as many as you want from that litter (mainly for litterz that has been up for a long time)

"German tamsins" (3,14 mb)
Another batch of tamsins that have german shepherd blood, which has given them an unsual colouring! I haven't seen anyone else try this yet, I think I'm the first one to breed german shepherds with tamsins to produce new colours :D
Petz 5 ONLY, one pet per person!

Pick of the litter: Silja! Love her colours, especially the grey jowls!

Adopted: Smirre, Silja, Stacy, Starlight, Shania, Sindy, Sverker
Left: Sven

Show scotties

As you might have noticed, the scotties in Petz aren't exactly of the "show type", right? Well, these pups are! They have longer muzzles, shorter tails, shorter bodies and a lot more fur than their companion counterparts! This first litter comes in 4 colours: black, wheaten and brindle in two colours: wheaten and red. They make great showers, the faded pic in the background shows how they will look when fully grown!
Pick of the litter: Skylark - Ah, my favourite in this bunch! Look at him!
Adopted: Skylark