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Unique catz

These litter-kittens, unlike the others, are not freebies that anyone can download! Nope, these are unique petz that I'll only give to one person. So if you want one of these kittys, you need to fill out the form below:

Name of pet:

 Email me

One pet per person per litter, unless the litter has a * to it, that means that you can adopt as many as you want from that litter (mainly for litterz that has been up for a long time)

Chinchilla coons
Chinchilla persian / maine coon

Aw, look at them! How can you resist them? Their names are swedish, from left to right: Red, White, Green Eyes, Creme and Brown/white
Pick of the litter: Brunvit, adorable coat pattern!
Adopted: Brunvit

Tabby/Maine coon/Hexed calico

These pretties have hexed ancestry, and all turned out very different! Nico has an adorable almost checker-like pattern, Mio looks like a black tabby, Fille has a wonderful pooftail and Fiona has not only leopard spots, but fangs as well!
Pick of the litter: Fille - I wanted to keep him sooo bad ;) He'd make a wonderful show cat!
Adopted: Fille, Nico