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Natural dogz litterz

Here you can download pupz from natural dogz litters. They will work for Dogz  3 and 4, are freebies and do not require special files unless otherwise stated. Put them into your Adopted Petz folder.
Click on the petz that you download, or the name below the pic. All files are in zip format to save downloading time.

Spanish heelers

These mixie pups are for Dogz 4 and require the spanish greyhound file and the lancashire heeler file. Both can be downloaded here at Supernova.
You can also import them to Dogz 5 if you download the D5 version of the breedz :)
Pick of the litter: Celtic, such a beauty!

Estrella [F] - Frodo [M] - Stoover [M] -White [M] - Eric [M] - Celtic [M]

NB's Mystique of Night x Rc NB's Bush Thing

These puppies are actually an old litter, but I think they turned out so cute I'm still keeping them here at Supernova. Their mom was a tamsin, and their dad looked like a large chihuahua. I still have them on my computer. Happiness is coloured exactly like her mom, and is the only female in the litter. They are 8th gen and have most breeds in them, but mainly chihuahua/dalmatian/mutt.
Pick of the litter: Friendlyness (tamsin)

Friendlyness [M] - Cuteness [M] - Happiness [F] - Shyness [F]

SGCh NB's Lost Treasure x SGCh NB's Arctic Wind

This is my SGCh litter! The mom, Sabrina, is a 1st gen dalmatian, the dad, Arty, looks like a mutt-eared, grey dalmatian. The pups are mostly dalmatian with a hint of mutt. They can all produce tamsins if bred with the right male.
Pick of the litter: Trixa

Arctica [F] - LostWind [M] - Trey [M] - Trixa [F]

Mutt / dalis

My first downloadable P5 litterz! All may produce tammies is bred with the right male! They all have attractive colours and great personalities. As you can see, they have the dominant hazel eyes and will probably give them to their pups as well!
Pick of the litter: Hades
Note: This litter will work in Petz 5 ONLY.

Amor [M] - Hades [M] - Hera [F] - Zeus [M]