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Natural catz litterz

Here you can download kittenz from natural catz litters. They will work for Catz  3 and 4, are freebies and do not require special files unless otherwise stated. Put them into your Adopted Petz folder.
Click on the petz that you download, or the name below the pic. All files are in zip format to save downloading time.

Chinchilla tabbies

These chinchilla persian / tabby mixies are something special! Idun and Freja would both make wonderful breeders, Oden is basically an oversized chinchilla, Frigg is incredibly sweet, and Tor... Well, Tor is special alright!
Bred in Catz 3, so they work for 3 and 4 and can be imported to 5.
Pick of the litter: Tor, for obvious reasons ;)

Tor [M] - Oden [M] - Idun [F] - Freja [F] - Frigg [F]

MGCh NB's Take it Easy x NB's Calypso Paradise

Mostly B+W shorthair, with a touch of persian, these kittens are funny-looking little cats!
Pick of the litter: Shapeshifter

Shapeshifter [F] - Stalker [F] - Charo [M] - Pounce [M]