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Hexed Dogz litterz

Here you can download pupz from hexed dogz litters. They will work for Dogz 3 and 4, are freebies and do not require special files unless otherwise stated. Put them into your Adopted Petz folder.
Click on the petz that you download, or the name below the pic. All files are in zip format to save downloading time.

2nd gen hexed dalis

These pups were bred using a hexed dalmatian file, but they require nothing but the original dali file themselves :)
Pick of the litter: Snowfelt

Hermione [F] - Snowfelt [M] - Cattler [M] - Lyra [F] - Anpu [M]

Patched black danes

Perfect for halloween! These danes were born with patches and spots - how unusual!
Pick of the litter: Markatta

Schabrak [M] - Markatta [F] - Lejon [M] - Amalthea [F]

Space dalis

These space-inspired dalmatians are ready to rocket away to their new home! Another old litter that I still like a lot.
Pick of the litter: Capella (isn't she just too cute?)

Capella [F] - Sirius [M] - Lunac [M] - Luna Star [F]

Tricolor danez

One of my oldest litterz, but also one of my favourites :) I love those white toes ^^
Pick of the litter: Blizt

Leona [F] - Khima [F] - Blizt [M] - Shock [M]