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Hexed Catz litterz

Here you can download kittenz from hexed catz litters. They will work for Catz 3 and 4, are freebies and do not require special files unless otherwise stated. Put them into your Adopted Petz folder.
Click on the petz that you download, or the name below the pic. All files are in zip format to save downloading time.

Backwards plushie meezers

Hexed plushie meezers... But wait a minute... Their colours are backwards!
Pick of the litter: Bettie

Bettie [F] - Bimbo [F] - Brandon [M] - Buck [M]

Spotted persians

Cute lil persians with markings ans spots (although they are sort of hard to see on these photos) Solowa's my fave, he looks like a lil snow leopard :)
Pick of the litter: Solowa

Solowa [M] - Nologo [M] - Illusia [F] - Pantha [F]

Spotted Chinchilla persians

Perfect for the winter! They have more spots than shown above, but they are hard to photograph. You can see them better when you lift the catz.
Pick of the litter: Vinter

Sn÷boll [F] - Vinter [M] - Snowstorm [M] - Sn÷flinga [F]

Autumn chinchilla persians

Even though these kittens have a textured coat, you don't need any special files! Just look at those hazel eyes... How can you resist them? ;)
Pick of the litter: Aumon (just look at him!)

Astella [F] - Adonis [M] - Afeema [F] - Aumon [M]

Chocolate tabbies

Mmm.. Chocolate!
Pick of the litter: Chaoki

Shocko [M] -Tyger [M] - Chaoki [F] - Choko Dream [F]