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Drawing a dragon head

This tutorial won't show you how to draw dragons, just the scales on the head. Ready? Let's start then!

Step 1
Here's the dragon I'm going to use (he's got one thick neck, no?)

Step 2

Okay, here I've given you some help marks to define the basic size of the scales. You can vary them, give your dragon a frill and so on, but here I'll just draw some basic scales.

Red: Large scales
Green: Flat, armor-like scales
Purple: small scales

Parts that are not markes are inbetween - this is where you go gradually from one type of scale to another!

Step 3

There are two things I've learnt to mainly keep in mind while drawing scales. First, decide the shape of the scales. Unless you want them mixed, decide whether they should be round or pointed, or whatever. Second, if you start at the top of the head, continue from there. Don't do the eyes, then the mouth, then the neck and then the jaw... You will have a hard time connecting the scales, and it'll look weird! Trust me, I've ruined I don't know how many pictures by not following these two "rules".

Here I've drawn the flat "armor-scales" on top of the head, as well as the top of the muzzle. I will now continue down to the mouth and eye.

Step 4
See what I meant with different scale sizes? Notice how the size difference creates the illusion of depth (muscles and such). This is an easy way to make your dragon look less "flat".

Also, see how the scales around the mouth are all flat and long? That was inspired by how a lizard's mouth look :)
Now we'll just finish the rest of the pic...

Step 5
There you! All finished :)

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