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Drawing a dragon head

This quick tutorial will show you how you can draw a dragon head. Have fun!

Step 1
Begin with the basic head shape. There are many different shapes to choose from - this is one of my favourites :)
You can see that I've used a few helplines to help me decide where to put the eyebrows and the ears!

Step 2

Here I've added the eyes, nostrils, ear and a circle to show myself where to place the horns. Those are good help :) I also like drawing those funky little ears *lol* Some draw dragons with outer ears, others simply draw holes, like birds and reptiles have.

Step 3
Jawline, more details on eyes and ear, and a few other lines have been added here. Now it's finally time to add the horns! My dragon is beginning to look like a llama ;)

Step 4
There you go! Horns and spikes! Now, there are not really much else to add, perhaps scales (there's another tutorial on that here at Supernova). Time to fill in all the lines you wanna keep!

Step 5

There you go! Details, shading and a few stripes and markings to spice everything up! Finished ^^

Finally, remember to try different stuff. Sketch, train and practice. Vary scales, horns, even the basic shape. That's how you become better. Try to develope your style and try out your own ideas! Be original :)

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