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Drawing a background with a border

You've probably seen them - the backgrounds with a border! But how do you make one? Well, here's one way! You'll need Paintshop Pro for this tutorial, although you can make one in another program with similar tools - I just won't be able to tell you how.

Step 1
First, we need a picture to use. I chose this zebra :)
Your pic shouldn't be too big, especially not too wide! Now, open it in PSP.

Step 2
Choose image > canvas size. Keep the height of the canvas (it should say how much the height/wide currently is), but change the width to about 1050. Now, your pic will be in the middle. Use the selection tool (the lasso or the rectangle button) and select the pic in the middle. Also make sure that the background colour is white:

Now, drag your selection to the very left, like this:

The pic mustn't touch the bottom or top of the canvas, or it will look weird later!
Now, if you want to, you can change the colour around the pic. I'll keep mine white though. Simply use the fill tool. Remember that the background should be either all light or all dark. If mixed, it'll be hard to find a colour that is easy to see when writing on the background!

Step 3
Make a selection close to the zebra. Use the fill tool, and colour it in some matching colour :)

Now, the next step isn't necessary, it's just to make it look cooler :)

Step 4
If you want, you can add a texture. You can try different textures by choosing Effects > Texture Effects > Textures...
When you're done, you can also play around with the lumination effects, neon effects etc. They're all under Effects :)

Step 5
This isn't really necessary either, but it looks cool :)
Now, choose Effects > 3D effects > Drop Shadow...
You will get the meny shown above.
The vertical shadow should stand at 0, while you can choose how wide it should be. I chose 4.
If you want an border at the other side as well, do another shadow, and simply change the 4 to a -4.
Because I have not yet discovered how to get the drop shadow to cover the whole border, you might have to crop the image a little (lessen the height just a bit with the crop tool).

You can also try other 3D-effects, if you'd like.

There, all done! Now just save your background, and you can start using it! To see what mine turned out like, click here.

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