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You found the snow globe!

Congratulations! You found Shilo's snow globe! You have made her a very happy dogz ^^
As a thank you, you have been given this award:

But it doesn't end there! You are also free to download some special hexed patched/spotted petz! These petz are only for those who found the snowglobe :)
Click on the petz that you want to download! All are zipped and should be put into your Adopted Petz folder.
Hold the mouse over the pet for more info on it. All are first generation, and none need any special files!

Dogz Catz
Prize [F] Spotted dachshund! Pumpkin [M] Spotted/Patched Orange Shorthair
Starkid [F] Patched black bulldog! Snow [M] Snowback B+W Shorthair
Silver [M] Silver spotted labrador! Cally [F] Calico Persian