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History of Supernova

My website turned 4 years old on september 19th! Congrats, webbie! ^^

The original Supernova was named Shibas kennel, residing on tripod, and was solely a petz site. It was posted on the internet on september 19th 1998. Back then, Petz was really big, and Shibas kennel was one of a countless number of petz sites, many named something with "kennel". Back then, I didn't know anything about HTML, FTP or anything else. I tried and pretty much taught myself, and it worked out quite well, as you can see :)

Where did the name Shibas come from then? Well, there's actually a little story behind that!
Around -97 me and a friend of mine played with lego. We created dogs and a full agility course, and pretended that we bred lego dogs, with our own kennels. We both changed our kennel names several times. Mine was called "Sweet dreams", "Indigo kennels" and finally "Shibas kennel". I wanted something that sounded asian, and chose that name. It came from the japanese breed of dog called shiba in, which translates to "small dog". So when I got Petz II, and wanted to "breed" petz (back then petz couldn't breed, but litterz were still created and adopted petz were pretended to be puppies of your adult dogz), it was natural for me to choose the name Shibas.

In 2001, Shibas kennel became Supernova. It was actually a tough decision for me! I kept the kennel name Shibas, though.
In october 2002, I changed Shibas to Nova Blue's, or NB's for short, to match myself and my site better. Still the same petz though!

Over the years, Shibas kennel / Supernova has gone from 100 % petz to 95 % non-petz, back and forth. Currently, it's mainly a petz site, but with other content as well. Hopefully, everyone will find something that they like!