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  STEP 1: Why a Character *Really* Needs Hair

  Well, what's the main function of hair in your body? To protect your head. To cover it. This means the hair should fully cover the head so that the actual head won't be seen at all, unless it's shaven. Yes, it sounds simple, and it really is - except, it's pretty easy to forget this fact. Take a look at this picture:

  The blue ones are pretty much correct, while the red ones have noticeable mistakes. The blue and red lines represent the "body" of the person (as in, the actual head without the hair); the green and purple lines mark where the hair growth starts/ends. Note that the blues have all areas with hair growth covered; the reds don't. Look closely at the parts I've circled. The hair's leaving out some parts of the head! *gasp* ^^; Sure, you can always change the shape of the head so that it'll fit inside the hair you've drawn, but if you keep doing that, you can end up with a really narrow/ wide/ otherwise misshapen head. I always draw a bald person first, and then put the hair on the head to make sure that doesn't happen. ^_^ Draw a head with no hair, then COVER IT WITH HAIR! Don't leave any parts uncovered!

  Still with me? Let's proceed to STEP 2 so we can get started on the fun stuff~!