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Dogz 1

Did you ever play dogz? Did you meet Jowlz, Bootz, Scrappy, ChiChi and Chip? If not, you missed the very first petz game - ever! Here's a little info page, perhaps you will learn something about the first petz program, perhaps you will feel the nostalgia! 

Dogz 1 was the first petz game, and nobody had quite seen anything like it before! Wow, your own puppy to take care of, on the computer?! This was something entirely new, and people loved it!. This was back in 1995, and not long after Dogz, Catz would come. Petz couldn't play together yet, though. The petz community was pretty much non-existant at this time... It wasn't until Petz II was released that things really started to happen!

In Dogz, you had a bowl of water and one of food, a red ball, the paint brush that we all know, a worn-out shoe, the evil spraybottle and three kinds of treat to choose from. Unfortunately, Dogz, being an older game, does not work on newer versions of Windows, and if your version is newer than Win 95, you might have problems running Dogz 1. Personally, I often can't get the items out.

One of the things you notice with Dogz is the humour in the game, which can be found in the "New Dogz Owner's Kit" as well as the game itself! You have a special helper, a red-haired woman named Daphne, who will help you in the Adoption Center. She will also tell you about the different breedz (and herself and her dogz as well!) You can also do a Breedz Test to see which breed would be the best for you!

In the original Dogz, there were 5 breedz to choose from (you probably recognize their late relatives!) The descriptions below are from the Help section in Dogz. Note that two puppies changed breed in Petz II! The setter Bootz became a great dane, and the terrier Scrappy became a mutt!


Setters grow to be big and strong so you might want to feed them a lot. And they play a mean game of Tug-of-War.

These Dogz are quick learners, which means you can bribe them to do just about anything.

Daphne says:
...They're true politicians.

These Dogz love to play fetch. I swear, their favorite thing in the world is chasing that ball! Getting them to give it back is another story....

Scrappies, a terrier-like breed, will do anything to convince them to pet you.
And believe me, they know how to give you the eyes.

Bulldogz are ferocious Guard Dogz but deep down they're really tender-hearted.

Daphne says:
Don't be fooled... their bark is worse than their byte!

In this game, you could adopt one dogz (and one dogz only, if you wanted another one you'd have to return the first). Just like in all other petz games, you could paint it whatever color you might want. The bulldogz already had its typical sweater, but there were no other clothing items. 
You adopted your dogz as a puppy, and over time you could watch is slowly grow into an adult. All of the breedz had very different personalities; from the hyper ChiChi to the playful Chip!  The dogz were, as you can see, not yet textured, and even though they look different today, the basics, such as the colouring, the personalities and poses are just like they were in the original catz game... all the way back in 1995! So there's a bit of the old 256-colour original dogz in all modern doggiez!