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Fun Factz

Did you know these things about our loved petz?

  • The mutt was originally a terrier! In the first petz game, PF.Magic Dogz, you could adopt Scrappy, a plump little red pup looking somewhat like a staffordshire bullterrier!
  • Our loved great dane was originally another breed as well - a dark red setter!
  • The chinchilla persian was originally going to be a ragdoll, which you can see when you edit the breed file... You can find "Chinchilla persian posing mysteriously as "Rd"" and even [Breed name]..Ragdoll!

  • In fact, you can find several weird and sometimes funny things in the breed files! For example, in the bulldogz file, in the clothing area, you can find "our own little drag-queen"! Possibly because the bulldogz often wear sweaters XD
  • Besides Catz and Dogz, PF.Magic has also released Babyz and Oddballz (fantasy animals). Only oner version has been released of these games, so we haven't seen Oddballz 2 or the likes yet...
  • The pig had originally been promised as a download add-on for Dogz 3, but wasn't introduced until Petz 4.
  • Nobody has successfully hexed a breed's personality. The first person to hex a breed was Annie of CDAC (Catz And Dogz Adoption Center, which later became EPCPS). She created a chinese crested for Dogz 2. After her, countless of breedz have been edited from all dogz and catz games!
  • The dalmatian, sheepdog, poodle, labrador, dachshund, russian blue, alley catz, chinchilla persian, maine coon and tabby were originally add-ons for Petz II, that you could download from It wasn't until Petz 3 that they were part of the original breedz.
  • Before Petz 4 was released, a pig was somehow uploaded to the automatic Adoption Center at There were many heated discussions about whether this was a hexed pet that someone had managed to upload (hexed petz could not be uploaded to the AC) or if someone on PF.Magic had accidently uploaded it! Still today, no one seems to know for sure!