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Deandr? What the heck is that?!

Well, basically, deandr is a name for my fantasy animals. Yes, creatures that I have made up. They look differently, but all Deandr bear at least some resemblance to canines and/or felines. Viperwolves, those nasty little creatures that you can adopt here at Supernova, are deandr. But they are not the only species (and not a very good example, as few deandr look like that, in fact, just two species this far. Well, there is possibly a third, but it might be nothing but a myth - that species has never been scientifically documented - or in this care, described on paper/screen). 
Here is a chart of all families of deandr known today (the text is in swedish, english names may vary, not that one can see what it says anyway *smile*). As you can probably figure out, I like to spend time drawing stuff like this... And no, those are not all of the deandr species there are, these are just the families, and a few lonely species. Some are extinct as well, some... well, nobody (me!) knows whether they are still around or not!

Deandr used to be divided into four groups, but I've changed that. Those were old groups, and my descriptions of the deandr have changed since. When I'm done with the new categoires, I will try to post a full list here. In the meantime, here are the known species, divided into groups depending on how they look. I have also posted pics that can be said to resemble most of the species in that group. (extinct species not listed)

The Desert lunar is a very shy and quick lunar that hides as soon as it senses the presence of humans. It hunts small game in the desert, but also hunts on prairies and savannahs. It has never been caught alive.
Deandr evolved from the arkeras (think dog with mane and tail tuft)
  • Moonstone arkera
  • Longtailed arkera
  • Shorttailed arkera
  • Running arkera
  • Equa
  • Teareye
  • Sayinns (6 kinds, one of them winged)
  • Great lunar
  • Striped lunar
  • Desert lunar (on the pic)
  • Dragonlunar
  • Royal Braunea
  • Forest Braunea
  • Shortmuzzled myster (Nova BlueOne Kitten is part this species...)
  • Kamiah, winged shortmuzzled myster (...And part this one!)
  • Longmuzzled myster
  • Kashiuma
  • Thunderdog
  • Canileo
  • Meiji
  • Snowleahra
  • Spotted leahra
  • Black leahra
  • Greater yellow shakor
  • Lesser yellow shakor
  • Green shakor
  • Blue shakor
  • Deepsea shakor
  • Dragon shakor
  • Arctic amyr
  • Spotted amyr

The silverwolf is a violent, but shy, predator that uses the horn-like things on its jaws to fight, rip and kill prey and enemies. The scales on the front legs work as armor when it fight and hunts. It's hunted for its silver coat.
Deandr evolved from leogalus (think wolf, often with extra appendages, like horn, armor, or the jaw-thingies above)

  • Greater white beluawolf
  • Lesser white beluawolf
  • Black beluawolf
  • Skullwolf
  • Silverwolf (on the pic above)
  • Zahrcat
  • Viperwolf
  • Rattleviperwolf

And finally, the Ashcat, which did not originate from either of these, but from the original deandr, that little squirrel-thing on the pic (I haven't named it yet). That lil spotted animal is the ancestor of all deandr, by the way.

Deandr are placental, so they give birth to live young. I have not yet decided whether they go under carnivores (like canines and felines) or if they belong to their own group, like primates and bats. Probably the latter, as they are more intelligent than other carnivores, and not that far from primates. I mean, if bats are the primates' closest relatives (they really are! It's true!), why couldn't deandr be that as well? I mean, look at the squirrel-thing... It does look a little like a monkey, don't you think?

You can see more pictures of deandr under My Artwork - Deandr.

Deepshea shakor. A very rare animal that lives deep in the sea. The earfins scare off enemies and impress females when fully spread. They have blue warning marks. The deepsea shakor is very shy and its existence was only recently proved.
Why have I created these animals? Because I want to! I love to think up, draw and describe creatures, and when I created the concept "deandr", I created myself a whole new world. A world that I can change however I want. I can destroy it in the blink of an eye, I can change it even faster. I have the total power over it. It's my world. And I love it. I love to daydream about my creations. I love to try to figure out facts about my deandr, like how the myster's poison infects the enemy (by being chewed in via the fangs, that are hollow, just like rattlesnakes). I love to work on the deandr family tree, to see how the different deandr are related to each other. I love to write poems, stories and factfiles on the species. I love to draw them interacting, fighting, eating, hunting, playing, sleeping... I love to create. And this is my creation - the world of deandr.