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My Cyberpets

These are my cyberpets, adopted from various pages on the net. Have fun with them, but no kidnapping! Viperwolves are available here at Supernova :)

Wee! Cyberchao XD And you can't get one of yer own, they don't have their own website yet XD
His name is... um... Rascal. That's the name of my "RL"-Shadowchao :)

Mwah. It's Spirit XD
He's from Skyblue Meadows.
See, I even made him an apple. Spirit likes apples *nod*

*Evil laugh* CyberNellie and CyberTina are back XD
Wow, CyberTina is larger than CyberNellie OO;

And here's Safir, created after my mother's old horse with the same name, by my friend Skipz. 

Hello there! My name is Safir! Whats yours?

This is my viperwolf Gråvinge (Grey wing). You can adopt viperwolves here at Supernova :)
Gråvinge isn't as innocent as he might look - he sometimes try to nibble at Safir's tail, so I must keep a close watch on him! No petting, please!
Gråvinge often has lots of dreams. Once, he dreamt that he saw a viperwolf that looked like it came from the moon! But there are no such viperwolves, right?