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Here I will post comments and info on contests here at Supernova! Also, don't forget to check the Find It and the Petz Show :)
Examples of contests can be guess or find it, or maybe a maths test >:) Good luck everyone!
Also, sometimes you might notice that there are sort of few contests open. Sorry about that, I do try my best to add new ones, but sometimes it's hard to be creative ;)

The puzzle was solved by Meowy! Congrats :D It showed NB's Forgot a Breedfile "Qwizza" and NB's From Northern Forests, "Vildkatt" :)

Spot the differences
Solved! New one coming! I'll have to breed more similar catz ;)
When I bred California and Jiggy, I got two "twins", very similar tomcats that I decided to name Twin and Twan. I soon noticed however, that even though they were similar, they also had many differences - a spot here, a patch there... I counted them all, and realized that this could make a good contest! Can you spot all the differences between the two catz? If so, I will let you adopt these two beauties! I will show you two pics, and that's it :)

The answer was that there are 15 differences :D 
This was found out by Tundra! Congrats!

Two guesses per person, email me here

Quiz 5
Solved! New one coming!

The current quiz has been solved, but here is how it works: Send me the answers, one guess per person. You may use books, the net, magazines and whatever you need to find out the answers. Okay, here are the questions!

Oh, and before we start... I'd be really happy if you'd tell me where you found the answers (for example, you can answer like this: 1: Blablabla, found on Google). I'm curious ;)

1. Has reincarnation ever been part of Christianity?
2. Where does the word "computer" originally come from?
3. Why does the paper in newspapers turn yellow after a while?
4. Are monkeys afraid of water?
5. Do we always see the same side of the moon?
6. Does water always boil at 100 degrees Celsius (does it always start to boil at the same heat)
7. How come the heart doesn't get tired?
8. Written in percent, how much genetical difference is there between humans and chimpanzees?
9. In ancient China, a giraffe was brought to this large kingdom. This animal got huge amounts of attention, since it looks like a chinese mythic creature. What creature?
10. You've probably eaten popcorn, right? Well, how can those little corns become popcorn when put on a stove?

 The quiz was solved by, congrats! Here are her answers:

1. No, only resurrection (I'm a Christian ^-^)
2. According to the Barnhart Concise Dictionary of Etymology, computer came
into use in English in 1646 as a word for a "person who computes" and then by
1897 as a "mechanical calculating machine." The word referred to an
electronic machine by 1946, perhaps as early as 1941. It is formed from the
word compute, which was borrowed in 1631 from the French computer, which was
a learned borrowing from Latin computare, meaning "to count, sum up." (I asked Jeeves, lol)
3. Paper is made from wood, which is made up mainly of white cellulose. Wood
also has a lot of a dark substance in it called lignin, which ends up in the
paper, too, along with the cellulose. The exposure of lignin to air and
sunlight is what turns paper yellow. Newsprint, which must be produced as
economically as possible, has more lignin in it than finer papers. At the
mill, the wood that will be turned into newsprint is ground up, lignin and
all. (From some other site)
4. While most primates are afraid of water, some just can't swim. This
doesn't apply to all primates however, the Japanese macaque is an example of
this. (I knew the answer just from being an animal nut, but did some research
to make sure)
5. Yes, we do always see the same side of the moon. (I knew the answer
6. If you lower atmospheric pressure, water will boil at a lower temperature
because the vapor pressure reaches atmospheric pressure more easily. If you
raise atmospheric pressure, the liquid will boil at a higher temperature
because the vapor pressure must rise higher before it reaches atmospheric
pressure. (Some massive info site)
7. The cardiac muscle tissue that makes up the heart has an incredibly high
amount of mitochondria, the structures inside the cells that use the energy
taken in from food. While normal skeletal tissue contains an average of only
1 to 2% mitochondria, the total volume of the heart, by contrast, is between
30 and 35%. (Asked Jeeves again)
8. 2%
9. I'm not positive, but I would guess that it would have to be the Ch'i-lin
or Ki-rin, the Chinese version of the unicorn.
10. Inside the hard, dry hull of a popcorn kernel is a portion of moist
starch. When you heat the kernel well above the boiling temperature of water,
the water in the starch converts to hot, high-pressure steam. The hotter this
steam gets, the higher its pressure rises and the stronger the outward forces
it exerts on the hull. Eventually, the hull rips open under the stress and
exposes the starch to the low-pressure air around it. The pressurized steam
then pushes the starch outward, expanding it to many times its original size.
The kernel "pops." (Accidentally found this answer while looking for the
answer to #6)

Guess the breed
I don't know who started this idea, but, believe it or not, I had never seen anyone use it before I did, several years ago back at Shibas kennel. Maybe I was the first one? I guess we'll never know, but it's an interesting thought :)

This is Pawina from Dogz 4! She has 4 breeds in her, can you guess which ones? Two guesses per person, send one at a time or both at once. Original Dogz 4 breedz only :) If you win, you can have Pawina! Email me with your answers!