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Contacting me.

Here are a few notes to keep in mind when contacting me, things that I'd like you to know, just in case

Never feel afraid of emailing with a question, no matter how stupid you think it is! I will try my best to answer it. If I don't reply to your email, I'm sorry, but I probably had a lot to do and couldn't reply. I always read every email I get though (well, except spam, chainletters and that kind of junk) and I try to listen to my visitors! I know how annoying it can be to email a person with something to say, without receiving a reply, or getting a short, annoyed one. That's not how webmasters should treat their visitors! So bear in mind that while I try to answer each email, I can not always promise to do so.

Where can I be found on the net? 
Well, look at "More sites", you can find links to my websites there. 
I have an AIM name, you can reach me at NovaBlueOne. Just bear in mind that I might not always have time to reply, and I very rarely have time to chat! I will try to answer you however, as long as you act friendly. Now that I've gotten DSL, file size generally isn't a problem any longer. But if you want to send a really large file (like 3 mb and over) please ask first!
I generally block/ignore AIM messages from users named things like Sara00323131.... Typical "ad-nams" If I delete your message without reason, I might have taken you for a "bad" user.

NeoPets: I'm NEVER here anymore (some of you might know why, it's all thanks to a certain user) but just in case you wanna see some of my NeoPets, my main username here is nova_blueone. The only reason I log into is to check up on Leahra and perhaps give my NeoPets a pat or two. Don't ask for my NP, I've give it all to NeoFriends :)

If you find someone with a name that includes something like Nova Blue, Novakitten, Nova Blue One, or my "full name" Nova BlueOne Kitten, that could possibly be me... But you never know for sure of course ;)

Some places where to find me:
AIM: NovaBlueOne
NutrinoPets: nova
Petz Board: nova
Side7: Nova Blue
NeoPets *ahem*: nova_blueone
TLK-art gallery ( Jessie