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Adopt a 2nd chance pet

Wanna adopt a pet that has been given a second chance?
That's great! Contact the person who is currently taking care of the pet (email adress should be on the petz' page) and make sure you tell them why you would make a good owner! I'd really like to get at least a few updates on the pet, but it's optional. After all, after adoption, it's your new pet! If you ever grow tired of the pet, you can send it back here, but you don't need to.

The petz that you adopt will most likely have been given a show name, but often lacks a prefix (a prefix is the name you put before your petz show name, I use NB's for example). You can always add your prefix, but if the catz has won show awards, you might not want to change the show name itself.

When you want to adopt a petz, this is the form that you should fill out:

Petz name:
I want this pet for:
I'll make a great owner because:

Remember, not ALL 2nd chance petz are on my computer (or will be in the future). Always check the petz' page for the right person to contact to adopt that pet.